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A longitudinal study of risk factors for motorcycle crashes among junior college students in Taiwan.
A cohort of 4729 junior college students in an urban and a rural area in Taiwan was followed up for a period of 20 months. Students' characteristics, including riding exposures, as well as human,Expand
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Factors associated with severity of motorcycle injuries among young adult riders.
STUDY OBJECTIVE A cohort of 4,729 junior college students in Taiwan was studied to determine risk factors for increased severity of motorcycle injuries. METHODS Crash characteristics were collectedExpand
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Colonic Diverticular Bleeding with Comorbid Diseases may Need Elective Colectomy
BackgroundColonic diverticular bleeding can usually be managed with conservative treatment. However, in a selected group of patients under conditions of recurrent, persistent bleeding influencingExpand
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Clinical Predictors of Difficult Laryngeal Exposure
Purpose: Although difficult laryngeal exposure (DLE) is a common problem encountered after procedures using a rigid laryngoscope, to date, no anticipatory physical indicators have been formally notedExpand
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Correlation between voice handicap index and voice laboratory measurements in dysphonic patients
Factors underlying voice disorders can be categorized into three distinct domains: emotional, physical, and functional. The Voice Handicap Index (VHI) subjectively evaluates voice disorders in termsExpand
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Fat Augmentation for Nonparalytic Glottic Insufficiency
While autogenous fat augmentation for glottic insufficiency has been used before, relatively little information is currently available on the effectiveness of fat injection in patients withExpand
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Prevalence and clustering of cardiovascular risk factors among healthy adults in a Chinese population: the MJ Health Screening Center Study in Taiwan
OBJECTIVE: To gain insight into the prevalence and clustering of multiple cardiovascular risk factors in a healthy Chinese adult population in Taiwan.DESIGN: A cross-sectional study was carried outExpand
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Clearing Microvascular Lesions of the True Vocal Fold with the Ktp/532 Laser
Although used for treating vascular malformations, KTP (532 nm) lasers have not been used to treat microvascular lesions of the vocal fold. The efficiency of KTP laser operation in the continuousExpand
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Combination of Fascia Transplantation and Fat Injection into the Vocal Fold for Sulcus Vocalis: Long-Term Results
Fat injection and fascia transplantation alone have been used to treat patients with sulcus vocalis. No information is available on the effectiveness of these two procedures used in concert to treatExpand
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Extragonadal germ cell tumors in Taiwan
Extragonadal germ cell tumors (EGCT) are rare. They are biologically distinct from their testicular counterparts. Information regarding these tumors from the Far East is limited. More investigationsExpand
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