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Flexicurity and job satisfaction in Europe: The importance of perceived and actual job stability for well-being at work
In this paper we study the effect of a micro-level measure of flexicurity on workers' job satisfaction. To this end, using micro-data from the Eurobarometer survey, we disaggregate the sample ofExpand
Workplace flexibility and job satisfaction: some evidence from Europe
Purpose - The purpose of this paper is to empirically test whether various flexible work arrangements produce different effects on alternative measures of job satisfaction in Europe. To test theExpand
Collective Bargaining and Wage Dispersion in Europe
The level at which collective bargaining takes place is usually considered important in determining wage levels and wage inequalities. Two different situations are considered: a first in whichExpand
The Labor Market Participation of Sandwich Generation Italian Women
We empirically analyzed the labor market participation of Italian women, with special emphasis on the role of intergenerational family links. Older relatives, on the one hand, discourage the workExpand
Corporate Financing Decisions and Non-Debt Tax Shields: Evidence from Italian Experiences in the 1990s
Between 1995 and 1999, Italy experienced three episodes of fiscal reform during which different categories of non-debt tax shields were introduced, including a classical investment tax credit, aExpand
Is it the Way They Use it? Teachers, ICT and Student Achievement
We provide evidence on whether ICT-related teaching practices affect student achievement. We use a unique student-teacher dataset containing variables on a wide set of very specific uses of computerExpand
Labour Market Assimilation and Over Education: The Case of Immigrant Workers in Italy
In this paper we study the assimilation of immigrants into the Italian labour market using over-education as an indicator of labour market performance. The main objective is to assess the extent toExpand
The impact of digital skills on educational outcomes: evidence from performance tests
Abstract Digital skills are increasingly important for labour market outcomes and social participation. Do they also matter for academic performance? This paper investigates the effects of digitalExpand
Collective Bargaining and Wage Dispersion ∗
The level at which collective contracts are negotiated and formally signed is crucial in determining both the overall level and the dispersion of wages. In this paper we distinguish betweenExpand
The Effects of Unions on Wage Inequality: The Italian Case in the 1990s
In this paper we analyse the contribution of union activity to reducing earnings inequality. Given the specific nature of the system of industrial relations, Italian unions may contribute toExpand