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Holocene glacier fluctuations
A global overview of glacier advances and retreats (grouped by regions and by millennia) for the Holocene is compiled from previous studies. The reconstructions of glacier fluctuations are based onExpand
Climatic and topographic controls on the style and timing of Late Quaternary glaciation throughout Tibet and the Himalaya defined by 10Be cosmogenic radionuclide surface exposure dating
Abstract Temporal and spatial changes in glacier cover throughout the Late Quaternary in Tibet and the bordering mountains are poorly defined because of the inaccessibility and vastness of theExpand
The role of the Indian summer monsoon and the mid-latitude westerlies in Himalayan glaciation: review and speculative discussion
New dates for late Quaternary glaciations in the Himalayas show that, during the last glacial cycle, glaciations were not synchronous throughout the region. Rather, in some areas glaciers reachedExpand
Reconstruction of equilibrium-line altitudes for tropical and sub-tropical glaciers
Past fluctuations of tropical and sub-tropical glaciers provide important palaeoclimate proxies for regions where other forms of evidence are rare. However, published equilibrium-line altitude (ELA)Expand
Landslides triggered by the 8 October 2005 Kashmir earthquake
Abstract The 8 October 2005 Kashmir earthquake triggered several thousand landslides. These were mainly rock falls and debris falls, although translational rock and debris slides also occurred. InExpand
GIS-based landslide susceptibility mapping for the 2005 Kashmir earthquake region
Abstract The M w 7.6 October 8, 2005 Kashmir earthquake triggered several thousand landslides throughout the Himalaya of northern Pakistan and India. These were concentrated in six differentExpand
Late Quaternary landscape evolution in the Kunlun Mountains and Qaidam Basin, Northern Tibet: A framework for examining the links between glaciation, lake level changes and alluvial fan formation
Abstract The Qaidam Basin in Northern Tibet is one of the largest hyper-arid intermontane basins on Earth. Alluvial fans, pediment surfaces, shorelines and a thick succession of sediments within theExpand
Extreme southwestern margin of late Quaternary glaciation in North America: Timing and controls
Well-preserved latero-frontal moraines in the eastern San Bernardino Mountains of southern California provide evidence for several glacial advances during the late Quaternary and mark theExpand
A note on the extent of glaciation throughout the Himalaya during the global Last Glacial Maximum
Abstract Quantitative chronologies for the impressive glacial successions that occur throughout the Himalaya have, until recently, been almost totally lacking. Within the last decade two newExpand