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Total synthesis of (8R,6'R)-peridinin-5,8-furanoxide.
The first total synthesis of (8R,6'R)-peridinin-5,8-furanoxide, a C37 xanthophyll norcarotenoid, has been achieved. The key steps of the synthetic sequence are a Julia-Kocienski condensation and aExpand
Total synthesis of enantiopure pyrrhoxanthin: alternative methods for the stereoselective preparation of 4-alkylidenebutenolides.
A new stereocontrolled total synthesis of the configurationally labile C37 -norcarotenoid pyrrhoxanthin in enantiopure form has been completed. A highly stereoselective Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons (HWE)Expand
Jorge Luis Borges and Paul Valéry: Ireneo Funes and Edmond Teste as Two Monstrous Visions of the Ideal
With “Funes le memorieux”, Borges paints the portrait of a character whose memory is infallible. On the other hand Paul Valery imagines Monsieur Teste, an abstract being with the gift ofExpand