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Phylogenetic Classification and the Universal Tree
Of great interest in the etiological context, however, are recent demonstrations that, in contrast to previous belief, autoand cross-catalytic molecular replication with high turnover numbers can occur in the oligopeptide series. Expand
Selfish DNA: the ultimate parasite
The DNA of higher organisms usually falls into two classes, one specific and the other comparatively nonspecific. It seems plausible that most of the latter originated by the spreading of sequencesExpand
Prebiotic chemistry and the origin of the RNA world.
  • L. Orgel
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Critical reviews in biochemistry and molecular…
  • 1 March 2004
The demonstration that ribosomal peptide synthesis is a ribozyme-catalyzed reaction makes it almost certain that there was once an RNA World, and a discussion of genetic systems simpler than RNA that might have "invented" RNA is discussed. Expand
Evolution of the genetic apparatus.
  • L. Orgel
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Journal of molecular biology
  • 28 December 1968
Abstract It is argued that the evolution of the genetic apparatus must have required the abiotic formation of macromolecules capable of residue-by-residue replication. This suggests thatExpand
The search for organic substances and inorganic volatile compounds in the surface of Mars
A total of four Martian samples, one surface and one subsurface sample at each of the two Viking landing sites, Chryse Planitia and Utopia Planitia, have been analyzed for organic compounds by a gasExpand
Studies in prebiotic synthesis. II. Synthesis of purine precursors and amino acids from aqueous hydrogen cyanide.
It is concluded that the arguments for a photochemical step are persuasive and that polymerization subsequent to concentration in a eutectic phase is an attractive posiibility. Expand
Chiral selection in poly(C)-directed synthesis of oligo(G)
It is reported here that poly(C)-directed oligomerization of activated guanosine mononucleotides proceeds readily if the monomers are of the same optical handedness as the template, and is indeed far less efficient if theMonomers of the opposite handedness are involved. Expand
2 Prospects for Understanding the Origin of the RNA World
The general idea that, in the development of life on the earth, evolution based on RNA replication preceded the appearance of protein synthesis was first proposed about 30 years ago and the existence of an RNA World as a precursor of the authors' DNA/protein world is a hypothesis. Expand
The Origins of Life on the Earth
Growing evidence supports the idea that the emergence of catalytic RNA was a crucial early step. How that RNA came into being remains unknown.