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It has been discovered that long-lived neutral K-mesons decay into π + π − with a small relative width (B ∼ 2.10 −3 ). This discovery signified that decays of K 0 2 mesons violate CP invariance.Expand
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Leptons and Quarks
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Historical roots of gauge invariance
Gauge invariance is the basis of the modern theory of electroweak and strong interactions (the so called Standard Model). The roots of gauge invariance go back to the year 1820 when electromagnetismExpand
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Cosmological consequences of a spontaneous breakdown of a discrete symmetry
In theories involving spontaneous symmetry breakdown one may expect a domain structure of the vacuum. Such a structure does not exist near a cosmolgical singularity, when the temperature is above theExpand
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The Concept of Mass
Mass is one of the most fundamental concepts of physics. Understanding and calculating the masses of the elementary particles is the central problem of modern physics, and is intimately connectedExpand
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Charmonium and gluons
Afther the discovery of J/ψ and ψ′ mesons many other narrow resonances were found which represent various levels of a system called charmonium. In this review theoretical interpretation of charmoniumExpand
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Trialogue on the number of fundamental constants
This paper consists of three separate articles on the number of fundamental dimensionful constants in physics. We started our debate in summer 1992 on the terrace of the famous CERN cafeteria. In theExpand
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Bubbles in Metastable Vacuum
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Energy And Mass In Relativity Theory
Einstein on Rest Energy Landau and Feynman on Mass Virus of "Relativistic Mass" Photon Mass Photons and Clocks in Gravitational Field Fundamental Units c, ħ, G Physics of Vacuum Mirror Matter FromExpand
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Mirror particles and mirror matter: 50 years of speculation and searching
This review describes the history of the discovery of the violation of the spatial parity P, the charge conjugation parity C, and the combined parity CP. The hypothesis of the existence of mirrorExpand
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