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Sex-specific, male-line transgenerational responses in humans
Transgenerational effects of maternal nutrition or other environmental ‘exposures’ are well recognised, but the possibility of exposure in the male influencing development and health in the nextExpand
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Patterns of receptive and creative cultural activities and their association with perceived health, anxiety, depression and satisfaction with life among adults: the HUNT study, Norway
Background Cultural participation has been used both in governmental health policies and as medical therapy, based on the assumption that cultural activities will improve health. Previous populationExpand
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Attendance at cultural events, reading books or periodicals, and making music or singing in a choir as determinants for survival: Swedish interview survey of living conditions.
OBJECTIVES To investigate the possible influence of attendance at cultural events, reading books or periodicals, making music or singing in a choir as determinants for survival. DESIGN A simpleExpand
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Longevity Determined by Paternal Ancestors' Nutrition during Their Slow Growth Period
Social circumstances often impinge on later generations in a socio-economic manner, giving children an uneven start in life. Overfeeding and overeating might not be an exception. The pathways mightExpand
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Transgenerational response to nutrition, early life circumstances and longevity
Nutrition might induce, at some loci, epigenetic or other changes that could be transmitted to the next generation impacting on health. The slow growth period (SGP) before the prepubertal peak inExpand
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Human transgenerational responses to early-life experience: potential impact on development, health and biomedical research
Mammalian experiments provide clear evidence of male line transgenerational effects on health and development from paternal or ancestral early-life exposures such as diet or stress. The few humanExpand
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Cultural Participation and Health: A Randomized Controlled Trial Among Medical Care Staff
Objective: Population studies demonstrate that attending cultural events is conducive to improved health when baseline health, income, education, and health habits are taken into account. AnimalExpand
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Change in paternal grandmothers´ early food supply influenced cardiovascular mortality of the female grandchildren
BackgroundThis study investigated whether large fluctuations in food availability during grandparents' early development influenced grandchildren's cardiovascular mortality. We reported earlier thatExpand
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Road characteristics and bicycle accidents
In Umeá, Sweden, defects in the physical road surface contributed to nearly half of the single bicycle accidents. The total social cost of these injuries to people amount to at least SEK 20 millionExpand
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Housing conditions, perceived stress, smoking, and alcohol: determinants of fetal growth in Northwest Russia
Background.  Social determinants of health have become important in countries of the former Soviet Union during the time of transition.
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