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An fMRI Investigation of Emotional Engagement in Moral Judgment
The long-standing rationalist tradition in moral psychology emphasizes the role of reason in moral judgment. A more recent trend places increased emphasis on emotion. Although both reason and emotionExpand
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The Neural Basis of Economic Decision-Making in the Ultimatum Game
The nascent field of neuroeconomics seeks to ground economic decisionmaking in the biological substrate of the brain. We used functional magnetic resonance imaging of Ultimatum Game players toExpand
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The Neural Bases of Cognitive Conflict and Control in Moral Judgment
Traditional theories of moral psychology emphasize reasoning and "higher cognition," while more recent work emphasizes the role of emotion. The present fMRI data support a theory of moral judgmentExpand
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Conflict monitoring versus selection-for-action in anterior cingulate cortex
The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC), on the medial surface of the frontal lobes of the brain, is widely believed to be involved in the regulation of attention. Beyond this, however, its specificExpand
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Temporal dynamics of brain activation during a working memory task
Working memory is responsible for the short-term storage and online manipulation of information necessary for higher cognitive functions, such as language, planning and problem-solving1,2.Expand
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A Developmental Functional MRI Study of Prefrontal Activation during Performance of a Go-No-Go Task
This study examines important developmental differences in patterns of activation in the prefrontal cortex during performance of a Go-No-Go paradigm using functional magnetic resonance imagingExpand
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Cognitive load selectively interferes with utilitarian moral judgment
Traditional theories of moral development emphasize the role of controlled cognition in mature moral judgment, while a more recent trend emphasizes intuitive and emotional processes. Here we test aExpand
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A Parametric Study of Prefrontal Cortex Involvement in Human Working Memory
Although recent neuroimaging studies suggest that prefrontal cortex (PFC) is involved in working memory (WM), the relationship between PFC activity and memory load has not yet been well-described inExpand
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Tracking the hemodynamic responses to reward and punishment in the striatum.
Research suggests that the basal ganglia complex is a major component of the neural circuitry that mediates reward-related processing. However, human studies have not yet characterized the responseExpand
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BOLD Responses Reflecting Dopaminergic Signals in the Human Ventral Tegmental Area
Current theories hypothesize that dopamine neuronal firing encodes reward prediction errors. Although studies in nonhuman species provide direct support for this theory, functional magnetic resonanceExpand
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