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Optimized approach to decision fusion of heterogeneous data for breast cancer diagnosis.
As more diagnostic testing options become available to physicians, it becomes more difficult to combine various types of medical information together in order to optimize the overall diagnosis. ToExpand
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More on the Detection of One of M Orthogonal Signals
Receiver operating characteristics (ROC's) for the classic problem of detecting the presence or absence of one of M orthogonal signals is presented. Previous results were valid for low detectability,Expand
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Optimal Detection and Performance of Distributed Sensor Systems
Global optimization of a distributed sensor detection system withfusion is considered, where the fusion rule and local detectors aresolved to obtain overall optimal performance. This yieldsExpand
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Decision-Level Fusion of EEG and Pupil Features for Single-Trial Visual Detection Analysis
Several recent studies have reported success in applying EEG-based signal analysis to achieve accurate single-trial classification of responses to visual target detection. Pupil responses areExpand
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A posteriori probability source localization in an uncertain sound speed, deep ocean environment
The a posteriori source position probability density function for a narrow-band source in an uncertain acoustic environment is derived. The implementation of this probability density function (pdf)Expand
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In this paper, Monte Carlo estimation techniques are presented for computationally efficient implementation of two methods for matched field source localization in uncertain ocean channels. In theExpand
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Effects of environmental uncertainties on sonar detection performance prediction.
  • Liewei Sha, L. Nolte
  • Physics, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 8 April 2005
The development of effective passive sonar systems depends upon the ability to accurately predict the performance of sonar detection algorithms in realistic ocean environments. Such environments areExpand
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Development of realistic physical breast phantoms matched to virtual breast phantoms based on human subject data.
PURPOSE Physical phantoms are essential for the development, optimization, and evaluation of x-ray breast imaging systems. Recognizing the major effect of anatomy on image quality and clinicalExpand
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Analysis of SPECT including Scatter and Attenuation Using Sophisticated Monte Carlo Modeling Methods
The effects of scatter and attenuation on single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) images can be analyzed with the aid of sophisticated Monte Carlo simulation. Correction procedures can beExpand
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Decision Fusion of Ground-Penetrating Radar and Metal Detector Algorithms—A Robust Approach
Numerous detection algorithms, using various sensor modalities, have been developed for the detection of mines in cluttered and noisy backgrounds. The performance for each detection algorithm isExpand
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