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Crystal structure of the mismatch-specific thymine glycosylase domain of human methyl-CpG-binding protein MBD4.
Methyl-CpG (mCpG) binding domain protein 4 (MBD4) is a member of mammalian DNA glycosylase superfamily. It contains an amino-proximal methyl-CpG binding domain (MBD) and a C-terminalExpand
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Direct separation and quantitative determination of glimepiride isomers by high performance liquid chromatography
A simple and sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic procedure for the determination of the trans isomer of glimepiride is reported. Chromatography accomplished direct separation of the cisExpand
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A Rapid Method for Determining the Concentration of Recombinant Protein Secreted from Pichia pastoris
Pichia secretive expression system is one of powerful eukaryotic expression systems in genetic engineering, which is especially suitable for industrial utilization. Because of the low concentrationExpand
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[The studies on spectrum properties of LB film of Schiff base].
Two Schiff bases with different alkyl chains length, N-dodecyl (2-hydroxy-5-nitro-benzylideneaminato) (TA12) and N-hexadecyl (2-hydroxy-5-nitro-benzylideneaminato) (TA16), were synthesized. TheirExpand
[Determination of bismuth pectin by flow-injection hydride-generation atomic absorption spectrometry].
A new method was developed by flow-injection hydride-generation atomic absorption spectrometry (FI-HG-AAS) for direct determination of bismuth in bismuth pectin, which is mostly composed of pectinExpand
[Direct resolution of clenbuterol enantiomers with amide derivative as chiral stationary phase].
A simple and rapid high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the direct resolution of clenbuterol enantiomers. The method involved the use of an amide type chiralExpand
The effects of Ce3+ and Ce4+ on the stability of fibroblast growth factor-2
The interaction between tri or tetravalent cerium ions and basic fibroblast growth factor (FGF-2) at 0.1-6: 1 molar ratio under physiological condition was studied by fluorescence and CD spectrum.Expand