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Denitrification in sediment determined from nitrogen isotope pairing
A new method for accurate and easy measurement of denitrification in sediments is presented. The water overlying intact sediment cores was enriched with 15NO3− which mixed with the 14NO3− of theExpand
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Methods for measuring denitrification: diverse approaches to a difficult problem.
Denitrification, the reduction of the nitrogen (N) oxides, nitrate (NO3-) and nitrite (NO2-), to the gases nitric oxide (NO), nitrous oxide (N2O), and dinitrogen (N2), is important to primaryExpand
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Seasonal variation in nitrification and denitrification in estuarine sediment colonized by benthic microalgae and bioturbating infauna
Measurements of seasonal vanation In oxygen fluxes nutiient fluxes and denltrif~catlon were obtalned in an estuarine sedlment lnhablted by benthlc microalgae and bloturbating infauna Oxygen dynamicsExpand
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Pathways of organic carbon oxidation in three continental margin sediments.
We have combined several different methodologies to quantify rates of organic carbon mineralization by the various electron acceptors in sediments from the coast of Denmark and Norway. Rates of NH4+Expand
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Concentration and transport of nitrate by the mat-forming sulphur bacterium Thioploca
MARINE species of Thioploca occur over 3,000 km along the continental shelf off Southern Peru and North and Central Chile1–4. These filamentous bacteria live in bundles surrounded by a common sheathExpand
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Application of the isotope pairing technique in sediments where anammox and denitrification coexist
The isotope pairing technique (IPT) is a well-established 15N method for estimation of denitrification. Presence of anammox, the anaerobic oxidation of NH4+ to N2 with NO2− results in violation ofExpand
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Filamentous bacteria transport electrons over centimetre distances
Oxygen consumption in marine sediments is often coupled to the oxidation of sulphide generated by degradation of organic matter in deeper, oxygen-free layers. Geochemical observations have shown thatExpand
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Evidence for complete denitrification in a benthic foraminifer
Benthic foraminifera are unicellular eukaryotes found abundantly in many types of marine sediments. Many species survive and possibly reproduce in anoxic habitats, but sustainable anaerobicExpand
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Spatial and temporal variability of denitrification in the sediments of the northern Baltic Proper
Denitnfication in the sediments of the open northern Baltic Sea was measured using the isotope palling method The highest denitnfication actlvity was found In the central Gulf of Flnland, whereExpand
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Errors in the medication process: frequency, type, and potential clinical consequences.
OBJECTIVE To investigate the frequency, type, and consequences of medication errors in more stages of the medication process, including discharge summaries. DESIGN A cross-sectional study usingExpand
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