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Biodiversity changes in the lakes of the Central Yangtze
The Central Yangtze ecoregion in China includes a number of lakes, but these have been greatly affected by human activities over the past several decades, resulting in severe loss of biodiversity. InExpand
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Tissue distributions and seasonal dynamics of the hepatotoxic microcystins-LR and -RR in a freshwater snail (Bellamya aeruginosa) from a large shallow, eutrophic lake of the subtropical China.
Tissue distributions and seasonal dynamics of the hepatotoxic microcystins-LR and -RR in a freshwater snail (Bellamya aeruginosa) were studied monthly in a large shallow, eutrophic lake of theExpand
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Carbon source/sink function of a subtropical, eutrophic lake determined from an overall mass balance and a gas exchange and carbon burial balance.
Although studies on carbon burial in lake sediments have shown that lakes are disproportionately important carbon sinks, many studies on gaseous carbon exchange across the water-air interface haveExpand
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Trait-based community assembly of aquatic macrophytes along a water depth gradient in a freshwater lake
Trait-based approaches provide a framework for integrating the distribution of functional traits associated with ecological strategies into the responses of plant community dynamics alongExpand
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Acute Biochemical Responses of a Submersed Macrophyte, Potamogeton crispus L., to High Ammonium in an Aquarium Experiment
ABSTRACT Acute biochemical responses of Potamogeton crispus L. to high external ammonium were investigated in an aquarium experiment. Shoots of P: crispus were incubated in aquaria for 24 h or 48 hExpand
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The role of NH+4 toxicity in the decline of the submersed macrophyte Vallisneria natans in lakes of the Yangtze River basin, China
Experimental and field studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of NH4+ enrichment on growth and distribution of the submersed macrophyte, Vallisneria natans L, in lakes of the Yangtze River inExpand
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Effects of moderate ammonium enrichment on three submersed macrophytes under contrasting light availability
1. Increased ammonium concentrations and decreased light availability in a water column have been reported to adversely affect submersed vegetation in eutrophic waters worldwide. 2. We studied theExpand
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Carbon, nitrogen and antioxidant enzyme responses of Potamogeton crispus to both low light and high nutrient stresses
Decline of submersed macrophytes under low light and high nutrient stresses in eutrophic waters has been increasing worldwide. Many studies have examined the effects of low light and high nutrientExpand
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Carbon and nitrogen metabolism of an eutrophication tolerative macrophyte, Potamogeton crispus, under NH4+ stress and low light availability
Submersed macrophytes in eutrophic lakes often experience high NH4+ concentration and low light availability in the water column. This study found that an NH4+-N concentration of 1 mgL(-1) in theExpand
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Adaptation of submerged macrophytes to both water depth and flood intensity as revealed by their mechanical resistance
Little is known about the mechanical resistance response of submerged macrophytes to floods. An experiment was conducted to investigate the plant growth, root anchorage strength, and stem tensileExpand
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