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The Rise of Financial Capitalism
This work establishes the existence of a sophisticated and smoothly functioning system of financial markets in the mercantile states of northwestern Europe throughout the 1700s. Based on computerExpand
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The financial crisis of 1825 and the restructuring of the British financial system
gratitude the support of the University of Illinois during his sabbatical leave of 1996-97 as well as the Guggenheim Foundation and the British Fulbright Commission, for research efforts on thisExpand
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Migration in a Mature Economy: Emigration and Internal Migration in England and Wales 1861-1900.
List of tables List of figures Acknowledgements 1. Introduction: the scope of the study 2. Issues in the history of European emigration, 1840-1914 3. The characteristics of British emigrants beforeExpand
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Amsterdam and London as financial centers in the eighteenth century1
In the seventeenth century, Amsterdam and London developed distinctive innovations in finance through both banks and markets that facilitated the growth of trade in each city. In the eighteenthExpand
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The Micro-Foundations of the Early London Capital Market: Bank of England Shareholders During and after the South Sea Bubble, 1720-25
Using two sources, Bank of England Transfer Books and Stock Ledgers, this article explores the nature of the 'customer base' for Bank shares during and after the South Sea Bubble. This examinationExpand
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The Integration and Efficiency of the London and Amsterdam Stock Markets in the Eighteenth Century
This article explores the operation of the international capital market between Amsterdam and London in the early eighteenth century and concludes that both markets were efficient and well integratedExpand
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Integration of International Capital Markets: Quantitative Evidence from the Eighteenth to Twentieth Centuries
The integration of capital markets is usually tested with an interest rate arbitrage model even though much different financial assets must be compared. This paper compares prices of identical assetsExpand
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Trust Companies and Financial Innovation, 1897–1914
Professor Neal assesses the innovative role of a key financial institution — the trust company — during the period of American economic growth after the depression of the 1890's and prior to WorldExpand
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The origins and development of financial markets and institutions : from the seventeenth century to the present
List of figures List of tables List of contributors 1. Financial innovations and crises: the view backwards from Northern Rock Jeremy Atack 2. An economic explanation of the early Bank of Amsterdam,Expand
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