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Synthesis and Antidiabetic Activity of Thiazolo[2,3-f]Purine Derivatives and Their Analogs
Thiazolo[2, 3-f]purine derivatives and their analogs – dihydrothiazolo[2, 3-f]purine, 7-(thietan-3-yl)purine, and 8-(2-hydroxypropylthio)purine derivatives – were synthesized. The compoundsExpand
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Synthesis and antiaggregant activity of 8-amino-substituted 1-alkyl-3-methyl-7- (thietanyl-3)xanthines
A series of 8-amino-substituted 1-alkyl-3-methyl-7-(thietanyl-3)xanthines have been synthesized using 1-ethyl-, 1-propyl-, and 1-hexyl-8-bromo-3-methyl-7-(thietanyl-3)xanthines and various reactantsExpand
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Synthesis and Antiaggregant Activity of 8-Substituted 1-Alkyl-3-methyl-7-(1-oxothietan-3-yl)xanthines
Oxidation of 1-ethyl- and 1-propyl-8-bromo-3-methyl-7-(thietan-3-yl)xanthines was used to synthesize 8-bromo-substituted 1-alkyl-3-methyl-7-(1-oxothietan-3-yl)xanthines, with yields of 49 – 52%;Expand
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Changes in Electrokinetic Properties of Erythrocytes under the Influence of Pentoxifylline and New Hemorheologically Active Substances
We studied the impact of compounds RU-1202 and SUM-55 on electrophoretic mobility of “young” and “old” erythrocytes fractionated in a density gradient. The test compounds are shown to increaseExpand
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Cloning of the doding cDNA sequence of the gene for Csk tyrosine kinase from human lymphocytes
Tyrosine kinases of the Csk family play an important role in cell growth regulation and normal cell differentiation. They are also involved in carcinogenesis as oncoproteins. The main function ofExpand
The aim of research - to study the wound process on the VAC-assisted background therapy in patients with multi-structure mine-explosive and comminuted wounds of the extremities in traumatologicalExpand
Synthesis and rheological activity of new 1,2,4-triazole derivatives
Reactions of 3,5-dibromo-1,2,4-triazoles containing thietane or thietane-1,1-dioxide with thioglycolic acid yielded 2-[1-(thietanyl-3)-orExpand
Indicators of disability of the military personnel in able-bodied and retirement age for2015-2016 (territorial aspect)
The indexes primary and secondary disability among soldiers working and retirement age because of «military trauma» in dynamics for 2015-2016. From the military in 90% of cases disability is definedExpand