L. N. Rachkovskaya

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The effects of melatonin, aluminum oxide, and polymethylsiloxane complex on the expression of LYVE-1 (lymphatic vessel endothelial hyaluronan receptor) in the liver were studied in db/db mice with(More)
The functional activity of macrophages in response to injection of nanosized lithium carbonate particles after initiation of hepatocarcinoma 29 in male CBA mice was evaluated by the production of NO,(More)
Three groups of male CBA mice were used. Group 1 consisted of intact mice. Hepatocarcinoma cells 29 (HCC-29) were transplanted into the right thigh muscle of animals group 2. Group 3 mice were(More)
Oxidant-antioxidant status in tumor tissue of male-mice CBA at spontaneous course of hepatocarcinoma-29 and after repeated injections of lithium carbonate nanosized particles was evaluated on changes(More)