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The vegetation of South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland.
The plant genus Strelitzia occurs naturally in the eastern parts of southern Africa. It comprises three arborescent species, known as wild bananas, and two acaulescent species, known as crane flowers
Vegetation of Europe: hierarchical floristic classification system of vascular plant, bryophyte, lichen, and algal communities
This paper features the first comprehensive and critical account of European syntaxa and synthesizes more than 100 yr of classification effort by European phytosociologists.
Refugia: identifying and understanding safe havens for biodiversity under climate change
Aim  Identifying and protecting refugia is a priority for conservation under projected anthropogenic climate change, because of their demonstrated ability to facilitate the survival of biota under
Conspectus of classes of European vegetation
  • L. Mucina
  • Environmental Science
    Folia Geobotanica
  • 1 June 1997
An attempt was made to compile all available names of classes which have ever appeared in European phytosociological literature, characterised by a brief diagnosis, a comprehensive list of diagnostic species, and a list of basic references.
Phylogeny of Salicornioideae (Chenopodiaceae): diversification, biogeography, and evolutionary trends in leaf and flower morphology
A high intercontinental dispersability can be observed in Salicomioideae in particular in the Salicornia/Sarcocornia lineage with multiple colonization events in America, Australia and South Africa linked to the global aridification during the Oligocene, Late Miocene and Pliocene.