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Analytical and preparative column chromatography of neutral lipids with continuous monitoring of the eluate by a flame ionization detector.
Abstract A method is described for the fractionation of neutral lipids into classes by means of silicic acid column chromatography. Elution is performed with a concave gradient of ethyl ether inExpand
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Effects of dietary carbohydrates on body lipid composition and on some enzymatic activities in the rat.
It has been studied in the rat the influence of different dietary carbohydrates on the lipid composition of serum, liver and aorta and on some enzymatic activities in the liver. The following experime
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Der Einfluß von Immunkomplexen auf die natürliche Zytotoxizität und auf die antikörperabhängige zellvermittelte Zytotoxizität (ADCC) beim Menschen
Die Bedeutung der K(Killer)-Zellen (Effektorzellen der antikorperabhangigen zellvermittelten Zytotoxizitat (ADCC = antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity) sowie der NK(Natural Killer)-ZellenExpand