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Prevalence and molecular characterization of Beta-lactamase resistance gene in multidrug resistance bacteria, Proteus spp.
Existing of drug resistance bacteria in meat is a series of health concern and beta-lactamase is responsible to generate multi drug resistances in bacteria. Meat is a source of delivering food bornExpand
Chemical Analysis and Growth Inhibitory Effect Of Rosemary Plant on Aspergillus niger
The use of natural fungicides instead of synthetic ones covers is a present trend in mycological disease control. The quality and food safeties could be preserved by the addition of naturalExpand
An Evaluation of Effects of Black Grape and Ginger Extracts on Hematological Alteration and Lipid Peroxidation of Hepatocyte in Irradiated Albino Mice
Introduction: Exposure to ionizing radiation can trigger adverse biological effects on healthy tissues, such as causing hematological toxicity and potential injury to different organs. IonizingExpand
Chemical composition and antifungal activity of Mentha spicata L. plant from Sulaimaniyah in Iraq
Aerial parts of Mentha plants were collected from Sulaimaniyah city, during 15th Mar to 1st July2016. Clevenger apparatus was used for plant sample distillation and then obtained essential oils wereExpand