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Experiments in economics: External validity and the robustness of phenomena
External validity is the problem of generalizing results from laboratory to non‐laboratory conditions. In this paper we review various ways in which the problem can be tackled, depending on the kind
Tax evasion and moral constraints: some experimental evidence
Tax evasion has been mainly studied as a problem of choice under uncertainty; like any portfolio manager, the taxpayer has to allocate his/her fixed gross income between two assets: a risky asset,
A Political Justification of Nudging
Thaler and Sunstein justify nudge policies from welfaristic premises: nudges are acceptable because they benefit the individuals who are nudged. A tacit assumption behind this strategy is that we can
The Scarcity Bias
The bias generated by the subjective perception of scarcity on the consumer's choice is investigated using two separated experiments. The first experiment is aimed to define the prevailing