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Methodology of assessment and selection of economic factors conditioning the operation of integrated logistics centres
  • L. Mindur, G. Szyszka
  • Computer Science
    Scientific Journal of Silesian University of…
  • 30 September 2018
The authors of the article have discussed the methodology of assessment and selection of economic factors for the cost-effective construction and operation of ILCs by taking the perspective of entities involved in the construction and functioning of these centres into consideration.
Background: Existing business model supply chains organisation results in inefficient use of transport resources, high transport costs, increasing congest ions and CO 2 emission. This effect has been
Car-sharing development – current state and perspective
The article presents the development of urban car-sharing systems in operation in Europe, Asia and North America and prospects for their development in 2020-2025.
The concept of organizing transport and logistics processes, taking into account the economic, social and environmental aspects
Current model of organization of supply chains results in inefficient use of transport resources, high transport costs, increasing congestions and CO2 emission. This effect has been demonstrated by
The Method of Modelling the Intermodal Network in Poland Using Multi-Agent Systems
For a dozen or so years, despite a transitional financial crisis, the European Union countries have been observing a steady growth in the movement of goods by road transport. As specified by the
Marketing w transporcie
The concept of intermodal network development in Poland using multi-agent systems
Summary. The market share and the development of intermodal haulages, they are still at a very low level. It amounts in total goods transported by rail to 2,5% - 3%. The major reason for this
Concept of Freight Road-Railing Transport in Bimodal Technology
The article presents: the essence of bimodal transport, technical measures, technologies and setting bimodal trains in bimodal transport systems. Summary of the article is the analysis of advantages
Bimodal Technology Based Concept of Road and Rail Cargo Transport
The article provides an analysis of the essence of bimodal transport which may be brought down to using special semi-trailers, meeting requirements defined for road semi-trailers as well as railway