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On the Economics and Politics of Refugee Migration
This paper provides a comprehensive analysis of refugee migration, with emphasis on the current refugee crisis. After first reviewing the institutional framework laid out by the Geneva Convention forExpand
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Risk Attitudes and Household Migration Decisions
This paper analyses the relation between individual migrations and the risk attitudes of other household members when migration is a household decision. We develop a simple model that implies thatExpand
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Chemical and biological investigation of the polar constituents of the starfish Luidia clathrata, collected in the Gulf of Mexico.
Ten new [1-10] and three known [11-13] polyhydroxysteroids were isolated, along with four known asterosaponins [14-17], from the starfish Luidia clathrata, collected from the offshore waters of theExpand
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(The Struggle for) Refugee Integration into the Labour Market: Evidence from Europe
In this paper, we use repeated cross-sectional survey data to study the labour market performance of refugees across several EU countries and over time. In the first part, we document that labourExpand
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Pigments of centrospermae—V. : Betaxanthins from Mirabilis jalapa L.
Abstract Eight betaxanthins have been isolated from Mirabilis jalapa flowers. Two of them were identified as indicaxanthin (I) and vulgaxanthin-I (II), respectively. Structures IV–VII were assignedExpand
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Steroidal oligoglycosides and polyhydroxysteroids from echinoderms.
The phylum Echinodermata, which comprises about 6,000 living species distributed in all seas from the tropics to the antarctic zone, is divided into five classes: Crinoidea (sea lilies and featherExpand
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(+/-)-Gelliusines A and B, two diastereomeric brominated tris-indole alkaloids from a deep water new caledonian marine sponge (Gellius or Orina sp.).
Two new diastereomeric brominated tris-indole alkaloids occurring as enantiomeric pairs, (+/-)-gelliusines A [1] and B [2], have been isolated from a deep water New Caledonian sponge (Gellius orExpand
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Novel HIV-inhibitory halistanol sulfates F-H from a marine sponge, Pseudoaxinissa digitata.
Three new steroid sulfates 2-4 related to halistanol sulfate [1] were isolated along with the known halistanol sulfate C [5] from the marine sponge Pseudoaxinissa digitata. Halistanol sulfates F [2]Expand
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Starfish saponins, 52. Chemical constituents from the starfish Echinaster brasiliensis.
This paper reports an analysis of the chemical constituents from the Caribbean starfish Echinaster brasiliensis collected at Grand Bahama Island. This species is completely devoid of cyclic steroidalExpand
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