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Free-fermion solution for overall equilibrium crystal shape
We generalize the random walk or free-fermion method of Yamamoto, Akutsu and Akutsu to obtain a simple explicit solution for the overall equilibrium crystal shape of a simple cubic crystal at
Surface tension of helium at the superfluid critical end-point
The singularity in the vapor-liquid interfacial tension, ∑(T), of helium at the transition to superfluidity is analyzed theoretically. The universal amplitude ratio Rσξ+=K+(ξ0+)d−1/kBTλ , where K+
Comment on the Black-Scholes Pricing Problem
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From surface to random criticality in layered planar Ising models
A general case of a spatially nonuniform planar layered Ising model, or an equivalent quantum Ising chain, is analysed with an exact functional real space renormalization group. Various surface,