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A compositional stochastic model for real time freeway traffic simulation
A stochastic model of freeway traffic at a time scale and of a level of detail suitable for on-line estimation, routing and ramp metering control is presented. Expand
Mobility Tracking in Cellular Networks Using Particle Filtering
This paper proposes Monte Carlo techniques for mobility tracking in wireless communication networks by means of received signal strength indications that allow for accurate estimation of mobile station's position and speed. Expand
Sequential Monte Carlo tracking by fusing multiple cues in video sequences
It is shown that tracking with multiple weighted cues provides more reliable performance than single cue tracking. Expand
Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for State and Parameter Estimation in Abruptly Changing Environments
A novel sequential Monte Carlo approach for joint state and parameter estimation that can deal efficiently with abruptly changing parameters which is a common case when tracking maneuvering targets is developed. Expand
Weighted Transfer Learning for Improving Motor Imagery-Based Brain–Computer Interface
A new similarity measure based on the Kullback–Leibler divergence (KL) is used to measure the similarity between two feature spaces obtained using subject-specific common spatial patterns (CSP) and the results showed that the proposed weighted transfer learning classifier performed significantly better than the considered comparable baseline algorithms. Expand
Freeway traffic estimation within particle filtering framework
The problem of real-time estimation of traffic state in freeway networks by means of the particle filtering framework, developed based on a recently proposed speed-extended cell-transmission model of freeway traffic, is formulates. Expand
Structural Similarity-Based Object Tracking in Video Sequences
The use of a structural similarity measure for tracking is proposed that reflects the distance between two images by comparing their structural and spatial characteristics and has shown to be robust to illumination and contrast changes. Expand
Contour segmentation in 2D ultrasound medical images with particle filtering
An efficient multiple model particle filter for progressive contour growing (tracking) from a starting point is developed, accounting for convex, non-circular forms of delineated contour areas. Expand
Particle Approximations of the Score and Observed Information Matrix for Parameter Estimation in State–Space Models With Linear Computational Cost
Poyiadjis, Doucet, and Singh showed how particle methods can be used to estimate both the score and the observed information matrix for state–space models. These methods either suffer from aExpand
Overview of Environment Perception for Intelligent Vehicles
The state-of-the-art algorithms and modeling methods for intelligent vehicles are given, with a summary of their pros and cons. Expand