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Rat model of acute pyelonephritis by simple bladder injection without laparotomy
Objective To make the rat model of acute pyelonephritis by simple bladder injection without laparotomy. Methods 24 female rats were randomly divided into control group,3 days infection group and 7Expand
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[Zhang Zhongjings lost formulas not included in Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases)].
  • L. Mi
  • History, Medicine
  • Zhonghua yi shi za zhi
  • 1 July 2006
In addition to the medical formulas of Zhang Zhongjing mostly existed in Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases) and Jinkui Yaolve Fanglun (Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden ChamberExpand
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Application effect observation of aloe ointment and point massage in nursing aged constipation patients in beds
Objective To discuss the effect of aloe ointment application and point massage in nursing aged constipation patients in beds.Methods 54 cases of aged patients in beds were randomly divided into theExpand
Nursing of Late Puerperal Hemorrhage with Interventional Therapy
Late puerperal hemorrhage is one of the complications in obstetrics,which may endanger patients' life.Intravascular intervention serves as a safe and effective method for some patients.PsychologicalExpand
Nursing of Child Pneumonia Treated with Phentolamine
Objective To establish appropriate nursing measures based on the effects of phentolamine on treating.Methods Dividing randomly 70 cases of child pneumonia into two groups,one comparative group usingExpand
Thinking of Chinese Medicine Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Based on Neurovascular Unit
The common replacement therapy of Parkinson's disease( PD),dopamine( DA) is of less satisfac- tion. Recent studies have shown that brain microvascular endothelial cells( BMEC) and non-neuronal cellsExpand
Western Medicine: the Haunting Other for Traditional Chinese Medicine
The dispute between TCM and western medicine, i.e. modern medicine is a cliche in the field of medical philosophy and history, while postmodernist philosophy may nonetheless provide a new perspectiveExpand
Efficacy analysis of Kangfuxin solution addition and reduction in the treatment of 128 cases of acne
Objective To evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of Kangfuxin solution in the treatment of acne.Methods The 8-week Kangfuxin solution addition and reduction therapy was used to treat the normalExpand
Clinical Research of Runzaozhiyang Capsule Combined with Ear acupoint to Treat Neurodermatitis
Objective Clinical research of Runzaozhiyang capsule combined with ear acupoint in the treatment of neurodermatitis.Methods The patients were randomized into treatment group and control group.TheExpand
The Clinical Observation of Treating by Cesarean Section Combined Myomectomy
Objective To analyze the clinical effect of treating patients by cesarean section combined myomectomy.Methods Choosed 72 patients as study group,and 70 patients as controlled group from Jul.2008 andExpand