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Retrospection and present state of plague prevention and control in Qinghai province about 50 years
This article summed up prevention and control work of plague in Qinghai province about 50 years, according to present states of space structure of plague natural foci, animal plague and human plague,Expand
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Population genetic structure and genetic diversity of frigate tuna(Auxis thazard) in the South China Sea
We examined the population genetic structure and genetic diversity of the frigate tuna( Auxis thazard) in the South China Sea based on mitochondrial control region( Dloop) sequences,using a total ofExpand
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[Zhang Zhongjings lost formulas not included in Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases)].
  • L. Mi
  • History, Medicine
  • Zhonghua yi shi za zhi
  • 1 July 2006
In addition to the medical formulas of Zhang Zhongjing mostly existed in Shanghan Lun (Treatise on Cold Pathogenic Diseases) and Jinkui Yaolve Fanglun (Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden ChamberExpand
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How the College/Department Reference Rooms in University to Serve the Teachers and Students of the College/Department
This paper analyzes the shortages existing in the construction of the college/department reference rooms in university, and points out that the college/department reference rooms in university shouldExpand
Analysis on the Funds-supported Papers Published in in 2006
Taking the funds-supported papers published in Sci-tech Information Development Economy in 2006 as the examples,makes the statistical analysis on the columns distribution,coauthor ratio,and author groups'geographic distribution,etc. Expand
Thinking of Chinese Medicine Treatment of Parkinson's Disease Based on Neurovascular Unit
The common replacement therapy of Parkinson's disease( PD),dopamine( DA) is of less satisfac- tion. Recent studies have shown that brain microvascular endothelial cells( BMEC) and non-neuronal cellsExpand
Cross-sectional study of cervical cancer with "three step" examination in rural women in Taizhou,Zhejiang
Objective To understand the prevalence of cervical cancer and precancerous lesions in women in rural area in Taizhou,Zhejiang province,and provide evidence for the prevention and control of cervicalExpand
Western Medicine: the Haunting Other for Traditional Chinese Medicine
The dispute between TCM and western medicine, i.e. modern medicine is a cliche in the field of medical philosophy and history, while postmodernist philosophy may nonetheless provide a new perspectiveExpand
Study on the biological conservation of Agehana elwesi (Leech).
Based on breeding in laboratory and surveying in field,the biological and ecological characteristics of Agehana elwesi(Leech,1889),were studied.It is an endemic and nationally endangered butterflyExpand
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Research on incidence regularity of childhood asthma aged 0~14 years old in Chengdu urban district
Objective To find out the incidence regularity and relevant risk factors of childhood(0~14years old) asthma by investigating the prevalence in Chengdu city in 2010. Methods A total of 551childrenExpand