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Total synthesis of (+)-amphidinolide P. [corrected].
The convergent enantiocontrolled total synthesis of the 15-membered macrolactone (-)-amphidinolide P is reported. Key transformations include a Sakurai allylation, a Stille coupling for the formationExpand
Total Synthesis of Michellamines A−C, Korupensamines A−D, and Ancistrobrevine B
Efficient syntheses of the title compounds have been developed. Several strategies for preparation of each of the naphthalene and tetrahydroisoquinoline (THIQ) portions were developed. InitialExpand
Synthesis of (-)-laulimalide: an agent for microtubule stabilization
Abstract An enantioselective synthesis of (−)-laulimalide is described. Key reactions include a convergent allylation coupling reaction, asymmetric conjugate addition, the allenylstannane FerrierExpand
Total synthesis of Michellamines A-C: Important anti-HIV agents
Abstract Michellamines A-C have been prepared by total synthesis in 7 and 16 linear steps from known and commercial materials, respectively. Key steps include i) palladium(0)-mediated biarylExpand
Total syntheses of korupensamine C and ancistrobrevine B
Abstract The first total syntheses of korupensamine C ( 3 ) and ancistrobrevine B ( 4 ) have been achieved. Important benzyne chemistry related to the construction of the naphthalene moiety,Expand
Studies for the total synthesis of amphidinolide P.
A convergent, enantiocontrolled total synthesis of the 15-membered macrolide, amphidinolide P, is described. The synthesis utilizes three nonracemic components for an efficient assembly of theExpand
Properties and Applications of Nanometer Materials
The development of nanometer materials, which possessed the unique physical and chemical properties, would take a new opportunity for the investigation of subjects such as chemistry, materials,Expand