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Simulation of Cuora galbinifrons nest predation
  • L. Mi
  • Environmental Science
  • 2014
No obvious differences were found in nest predation rate between forest centers and edges in plantation forest and primary forest, and in secondary forest, where the nestpredation rate was higher in forest centers than in forest edges.
Evaluation of three pumpkin species: correlation with physicochemical, antioxidant properties and classification using SPME-GC–MS and E-nose methods
Results showed that PPO activity, total flavonoid, sucrose, glucose, TSS, a*, pH, malic acid, vitamin E, DPPH, FRAP and β-carotene, and aroma are highly useful parameters to classify pumpkin species.
Research Progresses on Eurycoma longifolia
New progresses on E. longifolia around the world were reviewed, mainly including plant biological and ecological characteristics, chemical composition, pharmacological action, cultivation, secondary metabolites production, and study trends in the future.
Discrimination and evaluation Gentiana rigescens–Camellia sinensis with different planting year using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Agroforestry system, as the most promising substitute plantation approach, has been widely regarded as a prominent strategy for mitigating the conflicts between rapid growing population and limited
Study on the biological conservation of Agehana elwesi (Leech).
Agehana elwesi is an endemic and nationally endangered butterfly species in China, having two generations per year in South China and overwinters as pupa.
Study on Determination of Wheat Fatty Acid Value
Determination of wheat fatty acid value,titration end off color does not change significantly,end less visible,test results appear bigger error.By use of instrument,the potentiometric titration
Yield Response and Difference of Indica and Japonica Rice Cultivars Under Different Nitrogen Application
With the increase of nitrogen application, the growth periods were prolonged, and yields of indica rice increased gradually, but the yields of japonica rice first increased and then decreased, and the highest yield potential of japonsica rice were higher than indica Rice.
Study on Conditions of Pollen Culture invitroand Growth Dynamic of Pollen Tube in Prunus sibirica
Different Prunus sibirica clones had evidently different pollen viability, and the pollen vitality of indoor hydroponic flower sampling was significantly lower than the pollen of outdoor natural flower sampling, which meant that in the relevant scientific research and production practice, try to shorten the indoorHydroponic time or obtain pollen from the natural blossom in field.
Application of Real-time PCR in the Detection of Foodborne Pathogens
The principle of Real-time PCR is introduced and its application in detection of foodborne pathogens, such as Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli O157∶H7, Salmonella and Vibrio parahaemolyticus is introduced.
Preparation of Special Cement for Ready-mixed Morlar
  • L. Mi
  • Engineering, Materials Science
  • 2011
The performances of special cement compositely prepared by different brands cement and water-preserving thickener are studied.The results show that through controlling the dosage of water-preserving