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Holocene climate variability
Although the dramatic climate disruptions of the last glacial period have received considerable attention, relatively little has been directed toward climate variability in the Holocene (11,500 calExpand
Major features and forcing of high‐latitude northern hemisphere atmospheric circulation using a 110,000‐year‐long glaciochemical series
The Greenland Ice Sheet Project 2 glaciochemical series (sodium, potassium, ammonium, calcium, magnesium, sulfate, nitrate, and chloride) provides a unique view of the chemistry of the atmosphere andExpand
Complexity of Holocene Climate as Reconstructed from a Greenland Ice Core
Glaciochemical time series developed from Summit, Greenland, indicate that the chemical composition of the atmosphere was dynamic during the Holocene epoch. Concentrations of sea salt and terrestrialExpand
A 1400-year high-resolution record of atmospheric circulation over the North Atlantic and Asia
Major ion series developed from new subannual scale sampling of an ice core from central Greenland are calibrated with instrumental series of atmospheric sea-level pressure recording major marineExpand
Record of Volcanism Since 7000 B.C. from the GISP2 Greenland Ice Core and Implications for the Volcano-Climate System
Sulfate concentrations from continuous biyearly sampling of the GISP2 Greenland ice core provide a record of potential climate-forcing volcanism since 7000 B.C. Although 85 percent of the eventsExpand
Potential atmospheric impact of the Toba Mega‐Eruption ∼71,000 years ago
An {approx}6 year-long period of volcanic sulfate recorded in the GISP2 ice core about 71,000 {+-} 5000 years ago may provide detailed information on the atmospheric and climate impact in the TobaExpand
Solar variability and the levels of Lake Victoria, East Africa, during the last millenium
A new diatom series with 1–6 year resolution from Lake Victoria, East Africa, shows that lake level minima occurred ca. 820–760, 680–660, 640–620, 370–340, and 220–150 calendar years BP. InferredExpand
A 110,000-yr record of explosive volcanism from the GISP2 (Greenland) ice core
The time series of volcanically produced sulfate from the GISP2 ice core is used to develop a continuous record of explosive volcanism over the past 110,000 yr. We identified ∼850 volcanic signalsExpand
A 10,000-year high-resolution diatom record from Pilkington Bay, Lake Victoria, East Africa
Abstract A new diatom record from Lake Victoria’s Pilkington Bay, subsampled at 21- to 25-year intervals and supported by 20 AMS dates, reveals a ∼10,000 calendar year environmental history that isExpand
Bipolar Changes in Atmospheric Circulation During the Little Ice Age
Annually dated ice cores from Siple Dome, West Antarctica, and central Greenland indicate that meridional atmospheric circulation intensity increased in the polar South Pacific and North Atlantic atExpand