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Unstructured lumigraph rendering
We describe an image based rendering approach that generalizes many current image-based rendering algorithms, including light field rendering and view-dependent texture mapping. Expand
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Plenoptic modeling: an image-based rendering system
Image-based rendering is a powerful new approach for generating real-time photorealistic computer graphics. Expand
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Image-based visual hulls
We present an image-based visibility algorithm based on epipolar geometry and McMillan's occlusion compatible ordering that allows us to shade the visual hull in roughly constant time per output pixel. Expand
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Dynamically reparameterized light fields
We present alternate parameterizations that permit interactive rendering of moderately sampled light fields of scenes with significant depth variation and 2) low-cost, passive autostereoscopic viewing. Expand
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Stable real-time deformations
In this paper, we present a new simulation technique that is stable and fast like linear models, but without the disturbing artifacts that occur with large deformations. Expand
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Subspecific origin and haplotype diversity in the laboratory mouse
Here we provide a genome-wide, high-resolution map of the phylogenetic origin of the genome of most extant laboratory mouse inbred strains. Our analysis is based on the genotypes of wild-caught miceExpand
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Post-rendering 3D warping
We use McMillan and Bishop’s image warping algorithm to re-render, allowing us to compensate for viewpoint translation as well as rotation. Expand
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Efficient Isotropic BRDF Measurement
In this paper we present novel reflectance measurement procedures that require fewer total measurements than standard uniform sampling approaches for isotropic reflectance measurements. Expand
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High-Resolution Genetic Mapping Using the Mouse Diversity Outbred Population
The JAX Diversity Outbred population is a new mouse resource derived from partially inbred Collaborative Cross strains and maintained by randomized outcrossing. As such, it segregates the sameExpand
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Polyhedral Visual Hulls for Real-Time Rendering
We present new algorithms for creating and rendering visual hulls in real-time. Expand
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