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Evolution and the latitudinal diversity gradient: speciation, extinction and biogeography.
A latitudinal gradient in biodiversity has existed since before the time of the dinosaurs, yet how and why this gradient arose remains unresolved. Here we review two major hypotheses for the originExpand
Fragrance chemistry, nocturnal rhythms and pollination "syndromes" in Nicotiana.
GC-MS analyses of nocturnal and diurnal floral volatiles from nine tobacco species (Nicotiana; Solanaceae) resulted in the identification of 125 volatiles, including mono- and sesquiterpenoids,Expand
La Selva: ecology and natural history of a neotropical rain forest.
La Selva, a nature reserve and field station in Costa Rica, is one of the most intensively studied and best-understood tropical field sites in the world. For over 30 years, La Selva has been a majorExpand
Population-level variation in the expression of heterostyly in three species of Rubiaceae: does reciprocal placement of anthers and stigmas characterize heterostyly?
Heterostyly (i.e., reciprocal placement of anthers and stigmas between two or three floral morphs) is hypothesized to enhance outcrossing and reduce selfing. However, few studies have documentedExpand
Toward a comprehensive understanding of phylogenetic relationships among lineages of Acanthaceae s.l. (Lamiales).
Acanthaceae (Asteridae; Lamiales) include ∼4000 species and encompass a range of morphological diversity, habitats, and biogeographic patterns. Although they are important components of tropical andExpand
Phylogenetic Relationships among Acantheae (Acanthaceae): Major Lineages Present Contrasting Patterns of Molecular Evolution and Morphological Differentiation
Abstract We used DNA sequence data from four regions ([1] nrITS; the chloroplast [2] rps16 intron, [3] trnG-S spacer, and [4] trnL-F intron and spacer) to study phylogenetic relationships withinExpand
New Insights into the Evolution of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba (Passifloraceae): Phylogenetic Relationships and Morphological Synapomorphies
Abstract Phylogenetic relationships of Passiflora subgenus Decaloba were examined using 148 taxa and four molecular markers: nuclear nrITS, ncpGS, cp trnL-F, and ndhF. Relationships of subgenusExpand
A rich fossil record yields calibrated phylogeny for Acanthaceae (Lamiales) and evidence for marked biases in timing and directionality of intercontinental disjunctions.
More than a decade of phylogenetic research has yielded a well-sampled, strongly supported hypothesis of relationships within the large ( > 4000 species) plant family Acanthaceae. This hypothesisExpand
Phylogenetic Relationships among Acanthaceae: Evidence from Two Genomes
Abstract We used sequence data from the nuclear ribosomal internal transcribed spacer (nr-ITS) region, both alone and in combination with data from the intron and spacer of the trnL-trnF chloroplastExpand