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Droplet Barcoding for Single-Cell Transcriptomics Applied to Embryonic Stem Cells
It has long been the dream of biologists to map gene expression at the single-cell level. With such data one might track heterogeneous cell sub-populations, and infer regulatory relationships betweenExpand
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Single-cell barcoding and sequencing using droplet microfluidics
Single-cell RNA sequencing has recently emerged as a powerful tool for mapping cellular heterogeneity in diseased and healthy tissues, yet high-throughput methods are needed for capturing theExpand
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Single-cell analysis and sorting using droplet-based microfluidics
We present a droplet-based microfluidics protocol for high-throughput analysis and sorting of single cells. Compartmentalization of single cells in droplets enables the analysis of proteins releasedExpand
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Quantitative and sensitive detection of rare mutations using droplet-based microfluidics.
Somatic mutations within tumoral DNA can be used as highly specific biomarkers to distinguish cancer cells from their normal counterparts. These DNA biomarkers are potentially useful for theExpand
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Multi-step microfluidic droplet processing: kinetic analysis of an in vitro translated enzyme.
Microdroplets in water-in-oil emulsions can be used as microreactors with volumes 10(3) to 10(9) times smaller than the smallest working volumes in a microtitre plate well (1-2 microL). However, manyExpand
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Droplet-based microfluidic systems for high-throughput single DNA molecule isothermal amplification and analysis.
We have developed a method for high-throughput isothermal amplification of single DNA molecules in a droplet-based microfluidic system. DNA amplification in droplets was analyzed using anExpand
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A fast and efficient microfluidic system for highly selective one-to-one droplet fusion.
Microdroplets in microfluidic systems can be used as independent microreactors to perform a range of chemical and biological reactions. However, in order to add new reagents to pre-formed droplets atExpand
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Transcriptional Basis of Mouse and Human Dendritic Cell Heterogeneity
Summary Dendritic cells (DCs) play a critical role in orchestrating adaptive immune responses due to their unique ability to initiate T cell responses and direct their differentiation into effectorExpand
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Biocompatible fluorinated polyglycerols for droplet microfluidics as an alternative to PEG-based copolymer surfactants.
In droplet-based microfluidics, non-ionic, high-molecular weight surfactants are required to stabilize droplet interfaces. One of the most common structures that imparts stability as well asExpand
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DNA Nanoparticles for Improved Protein Synthesis In Vitro
Abstract The amplification and digital quantification of single DNA molecules are important in biomedicine and diagnostics. Beyond quantifying DNA molecules in a sample, the ability to expressExpand
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