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Computation of economic equilibria by a sequence of linear complementarity problems
This paper reviews computational experience with a modeling format and solution algorithm for partial and general economic equilibrium problems. This approach handles cases characterized by weakExpand
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Necessary and sufficient conditions for uniqueness of a Cournot equilibrium
In this paper a theorem is developed giving necessary and sufficient conditions for the uniqueness of homogeneous product Cournot equilibria. The result appears to be the strongest to date and theExpand
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An algorithm based on a sequence of linear complementarity problems applied to a walrasian equilibrium model: An example
  • L. Mathiesen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Math. Program.
  • 2 February 1987
In the context of a simple example of a Walrasian equilibrium model, we study the iterates of the SLCP algorithm and show that Lemke's algorithm computes a solution to an LCP if one exists,and that the iterative process converges globally. Expand
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Market Power and Joint Dominance in UK Brewing
Market power and joint dominance are examined in UK brewing, an industry that is periodically scrutinized by both UK and EU competition authorities. I assess unilateral and coordinated e®ects, whereExpand
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Computational Experience in Solving Equilibrium Models by a Sequence of Linear Complementarity Problems
  • L. Mathiesen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • Oper. Res.
  • 1 December 1985
This paper presents a modeling format and a solution algorithm for partial and general economic equilibrium problems. Expand
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Computing Cournot-Nash Equilibria
This paper examines convergence criteria of an algorithm for the computation of Cournot-Nash economic equilibria based on sequential linearization and Lemke's algorithm. Expand
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CO2-Stabilization May Be a 'No-Regrets' Policy
Restricting CO2 emissions requires changing today's consumption pattern away from energy and emission intensive commodities towards cleaner goods. The cost of stabilizing CO2 emissions at the 1990Expand
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A Multi-Criteria Model for Assessing Industrial Structure in the Norwegian Fish-Meal Industry
The Norwegian fish-meal industry consists of some 210 purse seiners, 200 trawlers and 40 processing plants located all along the coast converting capelin, mackerel and some other species into fishExpand
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Electricity Production in a Hydro System with a Reservoir Constraint
In this paper, our purpose is to analyze how market power might affect the allocation of production between seasons (summer and winter) in a hydropower system with reservoir constraints and inflowExpand
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Farrell and Shapiro proposed a simple test of the possible upward pricing pressure (UPP) following a merger. Expand
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