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Interference Phenomena of Slow Neutrons
Various experiments involving interference of slow neutrons have been performed in order to determine the phase of the scattered neutron wave with respect to the primary neutron wave. TheoreticallyExpand
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Stimulated Electron Spin-Flip Transition as the Source of 18-Megacycle Radiation on Jupiter
The characteristics of the Jovian radio emission are described. The emission is in the form of intermittent bursts in the frequency range 10 to 35 Mc, with a maximum at 18 Mc, and it appears to comeExpand
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Stimulation of Jupiter's Radio Emission by Io
Variations in the decameter radio signals from Jupiter are known to be associated with one of the planet's five satellites. It is now suggested that Io travels in the analogue of the inner Van AllenExpand
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On the Interaction Between Neutrons and Electrons
The possible existence of a potential interaction between neutron and electron has been investigated by examining the asymmetry of thermal neutron scattering from xenon. It has been found that theExpand
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Production of Low Energy Neutrons by Filtering through Graphite
Neutrons of energy much lower than thermal were produced by filtering a beam of thermal neutrons through a block of graphite 23 cm long. In such a block, Bragg scattering removes the neutrons whoseExpand
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