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Stereochemistry of Organic Compounds
Structure Stereoisomers Symmetry Configuration Properties of Stereoisomers: Stereoisomer Discrimination Separation of Stereoisomers, Resolution, Racemization Heterotopic Ligands and FacesExpand
ELONGATED UPPERMOST INTERNODE Encodes a Cytochrome P450 Monooxygenase That Epoxidizes Gibberellins in a Novel Deactivation Reaction in Rice[W]
The existence of an unrecognized pathway for GA deactivation by EUI during the growth of wild-type internodes is indicated, and the identification of Eui as a GA catabolism gene provides additional evidence that the GA metabolism pathway is a useful target for increasing the agronomic value of crops. Expand
Methylation of Gibberellins by Arabidopsis GAMT1 and GAMT2[W]
It is shown that GAMT1 expression is also localized mostly to seed, suggesting a role in seed development and suggesting that the mature mutant seeds contained higher levels of active GAs than wild-type seeds. Expand
Abscisic acid, phaseic acid and gibberellin contents associated with dormancy and germination in barley.
Results are consistent with the view that ABA is the primary effector of dormancy and that after-ripening involves the development of the ability to reduce the amount of ABA quickly following hydration. Expand
Comprehensive Natural Products II: Chemistry and Biology
This work presents a definitive interpretation of the current status of and future trends in natural products-a dynamic field at the intersection of chemistry and biology concerned with isolation,Expand
Analysis of gibberellins in growing fruits of Lycopersicon esculentum after pollination or treatment with 4-chlorophenoxyacetic acid
In the early stage of growth of pollinated fruits between 1 and 6 d after anthesis, the biosynthetic pathway to the C20-GA precursor of GA1, GA19, was much more accelerated than in parthenocarpic fruits, indicating that pollination may stimulate the pathway more strongly than 4-CPA. Expand
Endogenous Diterpenes Derived from ent-Kaurene, a Common Gibberellin Precursor, Regulate Protonema Differentiation of the Moss Physcomitrella patens1[W][OA]
The results suggest that the moss P. patens utilizes a diterpene metabolite from ent-kaurene as an endogenous developmental regulator and provide insights into the evolution of GA functions in land plants. Expand
Characterization of gibberellin receptor mutants of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.).
The sequence of Gid1 (a gene for a gibberellin (GA) receptor from rice) was used to identify a putative orthologue from barley, leading to the conclusion that the putative GID1 GA receptor sequence in barley corresponds to the Gse1 locus. Expand
Selective deactivation of gibberellins below the shoot apex is critical to flowering but not to stem elongation of Lolium.
Overall, deactivation of GA(1) and GA(4) just below the shoot apex effectively restricts their florigenicity in Lolium and, conversely, with GA(5), C-2 and C-13 protection against deactivation allows its high florigicity. Expand