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Talking about sex: Common themes about sexuality in the prime-time television programs children and adolescents view most
Although concern is often raised about television's role as a “teacher” about sexuality, little is known about the specific content of sexual messages on the programs children and adolescents viewExpand
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Using TV as a Guide: Associations Between Television Viewing and Adolescents' Sexual Attitudes and Behavior
Using both correlational and experimental methodology, this study examined contributions of TV viewing to adolescents' sexual attitudes and behavior. A sample of 244 high school students was assignedExpand
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“Always Use Protection”: Communication Boys Receive About Sex From Parents, Peers, and the Media
Although parents are often thought to be the primary communicators of sexual information, studies have found that many adolescent boys report receiving little or no parental communication about sex.Expand
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Media Exposure and Viewers' Attitudes Toward Homosexuality: Evidence for Mainstreaming or Resonance?
This study explored connections between media use and college students' attitudes of acceptance towards homosexuality (AATH). Data were collected from 1,761 undergraduates (62.7% female, MAge = 19Expand
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Homogeneous hydrolysis rate constants for selected chlorinated methanes, ethanes, ethenes, and propanes
Hydrolysis rate constants of 18 chlorinated methanes, ethanes, ethenes, and propanes were measured in dilute aqueous solutions within the temperature range of 0 to 180 C and at pH values of 3 to 14.Expand
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Silence Speaks Volumes: Parental Sexual Communication Among Asian American Emerging Adults
Although parents greatly influence children’s early understandings of sexuality, little is known about how sexual communication transpires in Asian American families. Accordingly, the authorsExpand
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Pleasure Reading: Associations Between Young Women's Sexual Attitudes and their Reading of Contemporary Women's Magazines
Associations between magazine use and sexual attitudes were explored among 205 female college students. Measures assessed reading levels of adult-focused (e.g., Cosmopolitan) and teen-focused (e.g.,Expand
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Contributions of Social Comparison and Self-Objectification in Mediating Associations Between Facebook Use and Emergent Adults' Psychological Well-Being
We tested the role of social comparison and self-objectification as possible mediators of the link between Facebook use and three facets of psychological well-being: self-esteem, mental health, and body shame. Expand
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Modeling Meanness: Associations Between Reality TV Consumption, Perceived Realism, and Adolescents' Social Aggression
Although research documents connections between adolescents' television exposure and both their physical and social aggression, less is known about contributions of reality television. Might thisExpand
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