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Bibimys labiosus Winge, 1887 (Mammalia: Rodentia: Sigmodontinae): new records in Paraná state, southern Brazil, and update of the known geographic distribution
Bibimys  is a genus still poorly known in its basic aspects, such as systematics, natural history and geographic distribution. In Brazil, only Bibimys labiosus  is recorded, with occasional records
NEOTROPICAL ALIEN MAMMALS: a data set of occurrence and abundance of alien mammals in the Neotropics.
This work states that introduced species become invasive when they disrupt ecosystem processes by negatively affecting native species through direct, indirect or apparent competition, predation, habitat modification, and alteration of nutrient and water cycles.
A review of bush dog Speothos venaticus (Lund, 1842) (Carnivora, Canidae) occurrences in Paraná state, subtropical Brazil.
Six new occurrence records of the bush dog Speothos venaticus are reported, obtained over the last 17 years in Paraná state, southern Brazil, offer an improved understanding of the species geographic range and the threats it faces and can enable better assessments of the conservation status of thespecies in southern Brazil.
First record of Juliomys ossitenuis Costa, Pavan, Leite & Fagundes, 2007 (Rodentia, Sigmodontinae) in Paraná state, southern Brazil
Juliomys ossitenuis was previously known from the Atlantic Forest of southeastern Brazil, where it occurs in Dense Ombrophilous Forest. The record of the species in Floresta Nacional de Pirai do Sul,
The Atlantic Forest as a barrier to invasive rodents: study of a seaport in southern Brazil
Invasive rats and mice typically arrive in novel regions through unintentional transportation aboard ocean-going vessels, which makes seaports the principal point of entry of these species. In this
New records of the red-rumped mouse Juliomys pictipes (Osgood, 1933) (Rodentia: Sigmodontinae) in coastal Atlantic forest of Paraná, southern Brazil
Juliomys pictipes is a Sigmodontinae rodent endemic to the Atlantic Forest. Herein, we report the first records of the species on the coast of the state of Parana, filling a gap in the species’
Assessment of dispersal and population structure of Norway rats (Rattus norvegicus) in a seaport setting
Seaports are introduction hotspots for invasive alien species (IAS). This is especially true for rodents, which have accompanied humans around the globe since the earliest days of ocean-going
Step zero of marine protected areas of Brazil
Abstract Despite the efforts to improve marine conservation through marine protected areas, effective management is challenging. Challenges in management have been attributed, amongst other reasons,
Range extension for Drymoreomys albimaculatus Percequillo, Weksler & Costa, 2011 (Mammalia, Rodentia, Cricetidae) in Mixed Ombrophilous Forest of southern Brazil with the first occurrence from the
The first record of D. albimaculatus is presented from Paraná state, Brazil and the known range of this species is expanded into northeastern Santa Catarina state.