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Keldysh field theory for driven open quantum systems.
This work provides a systematic introduction to the open system Keldysh functional integral approach, which is the proper technical tool to accomplish a merger of quantum optics and many-body physics, and leverages the power of modern quantum field theory to driven open quantum systems.
Two-dimensional superfluidity of exciton-polaritons requires strong anisotropy
Fluids of exciton-polaritons, excitations of two dimensional quantum wells in optical cavities, show collective phenomena akin to Bose condensation. However, a fundamental difference from standard
Dynamical critical phenomena in driven-dissipative systems.
The nature of the Bose condensation transition in driven open quantum systems, such as exciton-polariton condensates, is explored and a critical exponent special to the driven system is identified, showing that it defines a new dynamical universality class.
Electrodynamic duality and vortex unbinding in driven-dissipative condensates
We investigate the superfluid properties of two-dimensional driven Bose liquids, such as polariton condensates, using their long-wavelength description in terms of a compact Kardar-Parisi-Zhang (KPZ)
Digital quantum simulation, Trotter errors, and quantum chaos of the kicked top
This work aims at giving Trotter errors in digital quantum simulation (DQS) of collective spin systems an interpretation in terms of quantum chaos of the kicked top. In particular, for DQS of such
Thermodynamic equilibrium as a symmetry of the Schwinger-Keldysh action
The time evolution of an extended quantum system can be theoretically described in terms of the Schwinger-Keldysh functional integral formalism, whose action conveniently encodes the information
Nonequilibrium functional renormalization for driven-dissipative Bose-Einstein condensation
We present a comprehensive analysis of critical behavior in the driven-dissipative Bose condensation transition in three spatial dimensions. Starting point is a microscopic description of the system
Tuning across Universalities with a Driven Open Condensate
Driven-dissipative systems in two dimensions can differ substantially from their equilibrium counterparts. In particular, a dramatic loss of off-diagonal algebraic order and superfluidity has been
Scalable and Parallel Tweezer Gates for Quantum Computing with Long Ion Strings
The inherent scalability of this approach is demonstrated by presenting analytical and numerical results for long 1D ion chains and even for infinite chains of uniformly spaced ions, and it is shown that combining the methods with optimal coherent control techniques allows to realize maximally dense universal parallelized quantum circuits.
Space-Time Vortex Driven Crossover and Vortex Turbulence Phase Transition in One-Dimensional Driven Open Condensates.
We find a first-order transition driven by the strength of nonequilibrium conditions of one-dimensional driven open condensates. Associated with this transition is a new stable nonequilibrium phase,