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Stereoselective synthesis of 8,9-licarinediols
Abstract The total synthesis of 8,9-licarinediols was selectively carried out from licarin A, previously obtained by oxidative coupling of (E)-isoeugenol. The corresponding enantiomerically pure (+)-Expand
Antiplasmodial Activity of Aryltetralone Lignans from Holostylis reniformis
ABSTRACT Extracts from Holostylis reniformis were tested in vivo against Plasmodium berghei and in vitro against a chloroquine-resistant strain of Plasmodium falciparum. The hexane extract of theExpand
Eichhornia crassipes: an advantageous source of shikimic acid
Semi-quantitative analyses of the plant extracts by HPLC-PDA showed that the aerial parts of E. crassipes contain higher shikimic acid concentration than the roots, and that methanol is a better solvent than water for shikIMic acid extraction. Expand
Clerodane diterpenes from Aristolochia species
Abstract The investigation of Aristolochia brasiliensis and A. esperanzae afforded 12 clerodane derivatives, including the following six novel ones: rel (5 S , 8 R , 9 S , 10 R )-2-oxo- entExpand
Diterpene esters of aristolochic acids from Aristolochia pubescens.
From the acetone and ethanol extracts of the tubercula of Aristolochia pubescens, two diterpene esters of aristolochic acids were isolated and the structures of the compounds were determined on the basis of spectroscopic analysis. Expand
Evaluation of insecticidal activity of diterpenes and lignans from Aristolochia malmeana against Anticarsia gemmatalis.
The insecticidal activity of hexane extracts from the roots and leaves of Aristolochia malmeana was evaluated against Anticarsia gemmatalis larvae by topical application and (-)-Kusunokinin showed higher activity than the crude extract, and its activity was dose-dependent, whereas the other constituents did not exhibit any significant activity. Expand
Identification of oligomers in polyethyleneterephthalate bottles for mineral water and fruit juice. Development and validation of a high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the
An analytical method to determine first series cyclic trimer in PET bottles was developed and validated, using HPLC, and levels were 316-462 mg/100g of PET bottle. Expand
Aporphine and bisaporphine alkaloids from Aristolochia lagesiana var. intermedia.
Lagesianines B and C are the first examples of N-CH(2)-N' and C-2-O-C-1' linked dimeric aporphine alkaloids, respectively, while the monomeric units of lagesianine D, which has a carbon skeleton, are linked through an ethane-1,2-diol group. Expand
Rearranged (4→2)- abeo -clerodane and clerodane diterpenes from Aristolochia chamissonis
Abstract From stems of Aristolochia chamissonis Duch., five new diterpenes, one rearranged (4→2)-abeo-clerodane and four ent-clerodanes, were isolated. Their structures were determined to beExpand
A new tropane alkaloid and other constituents of Erythroxylum rimosum (Erythroxylaceae)
Abstract A new tropane alkaloid, named the 7β-acetoxy-3β,6β-dibenzoyloxytropane ( 1 ), was isolated from a methanol extract of Erythroxylum rimosum O.E. Schulz leaves. Other known compounds wereExpand