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Correlates and predictors of risky sexual practices among a multi-racial/ethnic sample of university students.
In this research we identify the correlates and predictors of risky sexual behaviors among an ethnically diverse sample of college students attending a large state university in the southeastern US (Expand
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Epidemiological study of problem eating behaviors and related attitudes in the general population.
This article presents data on the eating behaviors and related attitudes among a probability sample of 2,075 adults living in the southeastern United States. These following results were found: 45.2%Expand
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Risky sexual behavior among substance-abusing adolescents: psychosocial and contextual factors.
Of 120 substance-abusing adolescents and young adults undergoing treatment, the majority reported engaging in several types of risky sexual behavior, both with and without concurrent substance use.Expand
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"About last night": the social ecology of sexual behavior relative to alcohol use among adolescents and young adults in substance abuse treatment.
Data were collected in face-to-face interviews from 120 substance-abusing adolescents and young adults (87 men, 33 women; M age = 17.2 years old) recruited from residential and nonresidentialExpand
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Teen Tobacco Court: A Determination of the Short-Term Outcomes of Judicial Processes with Teens Engaging in Tobacco Possession.
Recent efforts to reduce tobacco use among minors have included the introduction and/or refinement of laws which make the purchase, possession, and/or use of tobacco illegal. The objective of thisExpand
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Adolescents' Perceived Ability to Say "No" to Unwanted Sex
Although violent sexual assaults occur in adolescence, lessfrequently recognized are the more subtle forms of sexual coercion. This investigation focused on adolescents'perceived ability to say no toExpand
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Prevalence of bulimic behaviors and bulimia among a sample of the general population.
Data are presented on the prevalence of bulimic symptoms and bulimia among a sample of adults residing in north-central Florida (n = 2,075). The data were gathered between 1984 and 1986. The sampleExpand
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The Pre-Adult Health Decision-Making Model: linking decision-making directedness/orientation to adolescent health-related attitudes and behaviors.
In light of the broad consequences of the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) epidemic, as well as the increased rates of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), pregnancy, and alcohol and drugExpand
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The Link Between the Use of Crack Cocaine and the Sexually Transmitted Diseases of a Clinic Population: A Comparison of Adolescents With Adults
Background and Objectives: To determine whether personal and/or a partner's use of crack cocaine is associated with the diagnosis of early syphilis or gonorrhea independent of high‐risk sexExpand
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Perceived versus actual condom skills among clients at sexually transmitted disease clinics.
The primary aim of this study was to investigate whether individual self-reports of perceived ability to use a condom correctly correlated with the actual ability to do so. Participants in the studyExpand
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