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When phylogeny and ecology meet: Modeling the occurrence of Trichoptera with environmental and phylogenetic data
Abstract Ecological studies are increasingly considering phylogenetic relationships among species. The phylogeny is used as a proxy or filter to improve statistical tests and retain evolutionaryExpand
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Does body size of neotropical ant species influence their recruitment speed
Formigas sao um dos mais importantes grupos animais nas florestas tropicais devido a sua abundância e seu numero de especies. Uma caracteristica importante do grupo e a eusocialidade, que permite aExpand
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A new species of Chimarra (Otarrha) Blahnik from Brazil (Trichoptera: Philopotamidae).
Chimarra Stephens, 1829 is the second largest genus of Trichoptera, with more than 700 extant species worldwide (Morse 2015). Currently 4 subgenera are recognized: Chimarra Stephens, 1829, known fromExpand
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New Cernotina caddisflies from the Ecuadorian Amazon (Trichoptera: Polycentropodidae)
Two new species of the caddisfly genus Cernotina Ross, 1938 (Polycentropodidae) are described from the lowland Amazon basin of Ecuador, Cernotina tiputini, new species, and Cernotina waorani, newExpand
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New Neotropical species of Marilia Müller (Trichoptera: Odontoceridae).
Five new species of the caddisfly genus Marilia Müller 1880 are described from the Neotropics, Marilia cabocla sp. nov., Marilia caipira sp. nov., Marilia cunhaporanga sp. nov., Marilia manicorei sp.Expand
Diversidade e distribuição de Odontoceridae (Insecta, Trichoptera) no Brasil
A familia Odontoceridae (Insecta, Trichoptera) tem uma grande diversidade na regiao Neotropical, com 43 especies. Dentre estas, 15 possuem registros no Brasil, sendo 13 de Marilia Muller, 1880 e asExpand
First record of Poekilloptera phalaenoides found on Tachigali vulgaris (Fabaceae: Caesalpinioideae) in southwestern of Goiás, Brazil
A cigarrinha Poekilloptera phalaenoides L. (Auchenorrhyncha: Flatidae) e uma conhecida especie dentre culturas agricolas e de interesse economico devido os danos causados em atividades agricolas.Expand
Taxonomic Catalog of the Brazilian Fauna: order Trichoptera (Insecta), diversity and distribution
Caddisflies are a highly diverse group of aquatic insects, particularly in the Neotropical region where there is a high number of endemic taxa. Based on taxonomic contributions published until AugustExpand