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[Structural and functional state of the erythrocyte membrane in experimental carcinogenesis].
Structural and functional state of erythrocyte surface membrane was studied in C3H and C57B1/6 mice as well as in Wistar rats after 20-methylcholanthrene administration. It is shown that miceExpand
[The role of autoimmune hemolytic processes in echinocytic erythrocyte transformation in malignant growths].
No direct dependence between the surface change of erythrocyte, echinocytosis, and the activity of lymphocytes producing hemolysins in experimental carcinogenesis was revealed. It is supposed thatExpand
[Hemocytes and the pathogenesis of malignant growth].
No direct relationship was found between the mechanism of echinocytosis development in cancer patients and hormonal disorders (hypercorticoidism and hyperparathyroidism). However, echinocyticExpand
[Change in erythrocyte shape during tumor growth in humans].
[State of erythrocytes and neutrophils in the blood of rats at various durations of latency of DMBA-induced carcinogenesis].
A different response of peripheral blood cells (erythrocytes and polymorphonuclear neutrophils) depending on individual sensitivity of animals to DMBA is observed at the pretumour stage. The lesserExpand
Mixer for averaging powders with high bulk density
The authors report the results of a design study for mixers intended for averaging batches of iron carbonyls and other high bulk density friable materials. Three types of mixers--belt, conical belt,Expand
[Bourneville-Pringle syndrome].