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We purified the 20S proteasome from the alga Chara corallina Willd with DEAE–ion‐exchange column chromatography and preparative nondenaturing PAGE. The analysis of the purified enzyme bynondenaturingExpand
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Newly synthesized proteins are degraded by an ATP‐stimulated proteolytic process in isolated pea chloroplasts
Up to 22% of the [3H]leucine‐labeled proteins synthesized chloroplasts in the light was degraded during subsequent incubation for 20–40 min. The degradation of these radioactive proteins was moreExpand
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Purification and characterization of an aspartyl proteinase from dry jack pine seeds
A high-molecular-weight aspartyl proteinase complex, sensitive to pepstatin A was purified to near electrophoretic homogeneity from dry seeds ofjack pine ( Pinus banksiana , Lamb.). Two partialExpand
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Detection and direct sequence identification of BCR-ABL mRNA in Ph+ chronic myeloid leukemia.
The reverse transcriptase-polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) for BCR-ABL mRNA is increasingly used to diagnose and monitor patients with Ph+ chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). We investigated anExpand
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Ubiquitination and ATP levels in garden pea seeds
Developing and germinating pea seeds contain high levels of ubiquitin conjugated to proteins as detected on western blots. In contrast, the level of dry seed protein-ubiquitin conjugates in vivoExpand
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Senescence, turion development, and turion germination in nitrate- and sulfate-deficient Spirodela polyrhiza. Relationships between nutrient availability and exogenous cytokinins
Senescence, turion development, and turion germination were investigated in NO3-deficient (1/20 Hoagland's nitrate) and SO4-deficient (1/200 Hoagland's sulfate) Spirodela polyrhiza L. (Schleiden)Expand
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Effects of Various Rates of Freezing on the Metabolism of a Drought-tolerant Plant, the Moss Tortula ruralis.
The response of the drought-tolerant moss Tortula ruralis ([Hedw.] Gaertn., Meyer, Scherb.) to freezing and thawing at controlled rates has been studied. Slow freezing (at 3 C per hour to -30 C) ofExpand
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Protein mobilization from cotyledons of de-shooted pea seedlings
The role and regulation of proteolytic enzymes in protein mobilization from seed storage tissues is not fully understood. Surgical removal of the shoots of 5-day-old pea seedlings was found to doubleExpand
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Purification of a dry pea seed proteinolytic enzyme complex
Abstract A large proteinolytic complex of M r ca 400 000 consisting of at least six distinct proteins, optimally active near pH 8, was purified from dry pea seeds using two different purificationExpand
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