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The Oxford Handbook of Public Management
The article reviews “The Oxford Handbook of Public Management,” edited by Ewan Ferlie, Laurence E. Lynn, Jr., and Christopher Pollitt.
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Public Management: Old and New
  • L. Lynn
  • Political Science
  • 27 September 2006
1. Public Management Comes of Age 2. History and Contemporary Public Management 3. Old Public Management: Continental Traditions 4. Old Public Management: British Traditions 5. Old Public Management:Expand
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Public Management As Art, Science, and Profession
Figure and ground - public management and politics the public manager as administrator the public manager as policymaker statecraft and skill knowledge for practice art, science, or profession?
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The New Public Management: How to Transform a Theme into a Legacy
Two Parables A traveler returns from a three-day stopover in India and entertains his friends with stories he heard there. "Aha!" cries one of them, a publisher. "Your stories will make a fine book."Expand
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Studying Governance and Public Management: Challenges and Prospects
How can public-sector regimes, agencies, programs, and activities be organized and managed to achieve public purposes? This general question is the concern of officials in all branches and at allExpand
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Measuring the Performance of the Hollow State
  • L. Lynn
  • Materials Science
  • 1 October 2008
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Means and Ends: A Comparative Study of Empirical Methods For Investigating Governance and Performance
Scholars within different disciplines employ a wide range of empirical approaches to understanding how, why and with what consequences government is organized. We first review recent statisticalExpand
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What is a Neo-Weberian State? Reflections on a Concept and its Implications
According to Pollitt and Bouckaert, “there are continuing broad differences between different groups of countries” (2004, 102). These groups are the “maintainers”, the “modernizers”, and theExpand
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Madison's Managers: Public Administration and the Constitution
Combining insights from traditional thought and practice and from contemporary political analysis, Madison's Managers presents a constitutional theory of public administration in the United States.Expand
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The Myth of the Bureaucratic Paradigm: What Traditional Public Administration Really Stood For
For a decade, public administration and management literature has featured a riveting story: the transformation of the field's orientation from an old paradigm to a new one. While many doubt claimsExpand
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