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A new species of Coniochaeta with a key to the species known in Argentina
Coniochaeta rhopalochaeta sp. nov. was isolated from decorticated wood of Bulnesia retama in Argentina. It is distinguished principally by the ascomata with mace-like capitate setae. C. scatigena isExpand
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Noteworthy hysteriaceae from southern South America
Species of Gloniella, Glonium and Gloniopsis from southern South America were studied. A new fungus Glonium colihuae sp. nov., with hysterothecia is described from Argentina, Patagonia; GloniumExpand
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A new species of Hysterium from Patagonia, Argentina.
Investigations of corticolous fungi in Patagonia have revealed the existence of a new species of Hysterium. H. andinense sp. nov. is described and compared to the related species. H. andicola isExpand
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Podospora austrohemisphaerica, a new heterothallic ascomycete from dung
A new species, Podospora austrohemisphaer- ica, is described from the dung of wild and domes- ticated herbivores. Twenty-five records are cited, in- cluding 23 from Argentina, New Zealand and Austra-Expand
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Level crossing accidents and factors behind them: SAFER-LC project Deliverable D1.2
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Chaenothecopsis quintralis, a new species of calicioid fungus
Chaenothecopsis quintralis from southwestern Argentina is described and illustrated as a new species in the family Mycocaliciaceae. It has been found in three localities in the Andean PatagonianExpand
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Isolation of Lacinutrix venerupis strains associated with disease outbreaks in sea bream Sparus aurata and European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax.
Four Gram-negative bacterial isolates were recovered from 2 disease outbreaks that occurred in 2013 affecting European sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax fry and sea bream Sparus aurata adults. MainExpand
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