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Beta diversity of macroalgal communities around St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean
This study provides a baseline of the marine algal flora composition around St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean, by describing algal community structure in terms of species richness and beta diversity,
First Atlantic record of the green alga Parvocaulis exiguus from St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean
This report presents the first record of Parvocaulis exiguus from the Atlantic Ocean, collected at 18 m depth from rocky substrata surrounded by seagrass off the Dutch Windward Caribbean island St. Eustatius.
Using molecular tools to assess microbial diversity
Color poster with text, charts and graphs describing research conducted by Lacy Loos and Nathan Butler advised by Julie Anderson.
From Genes to Ecosystems : a Molecular view of Microbial Diversity in Plant Communities from a Prairie Restoration Project.
Color poster with text, illustrations, and graphs describing research conducted by Yaron Fireizen, Vinay Rao, Lacy Loos, and Nathan Butler, advised by Julie A. Anderson and Evan R. Weiher.