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Early Jurassic Zircon SHRIMP U-Pb Age of the Dacitic Volcanic Rocks in the Southeastern Zhejiang Province Determined Firstly and Its Geological Significances
Late Mesozoic volcanic rocks are vastly developed in Zhejiang Province, southeastern China. But the early Mesozoic ones, however, are rarely or never reported and have no predicative opinion onExpand
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Numerical Simulation of 1.55 um Coherent Lidar for Wind Measurement
In view of the widely used 1.55 μm coherent lidar for wind measurement, the theoretical analysis and numerical simulation is prepared. The theoretical analysis is made of four parts: the principle ofExpand
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Fossil eggs of Cretaceous Hadrosaurs from eastern China
Recently hundreds and thousands of fossil eggs were unearthed from the Cretaceous sequence in Tiantai Basin, Zhejiang Province, eastern China. The Dendroolithus dendriticus discovered from UpperExpand
洛南—栾川断裂带是秦岭造山带中一条著名的断裂带, 是华北板块与秦岭造山带的地质分界线, 其走向近东西, 断裂带发育有宽坪岩群和陶湾岩群等岩石, 洛南—栾川断裂带的构造作用过程及其演化对这些岩石的变形起了重要作用。因此, 分析断裂带岩石的变形特征及其形成条件对于探讨洛南—栾川断裂带的构造环境以及分析古板块汇聚边界变形有重要意义。本文以洛南—栾川断裂带栾川段为主要研究对象,Expand
Geochronology, geochemistry, and tectonic significance of the Shirenshan gneiss in the southern margin of the North China Block
The Shirenshan Block is a complex geological body located in the southern margin of the North China Block (NCB). From south to north, it can be divided into the Taihua Group migmatite, and theExpand