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Impact of gender on the decision to participate in a clinical trial: a cross-sectional study
BackgroundIn order for Informed Consent to be ethical and valid each clinical trial participant must be able to make a voluntary decision to participate, free from pressure or coercion. Nonetheless,Expand
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Development of cognitive abilities of children infected with helminths through health education.
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of health education in learning and cognitive development of children infected, previously treated in an endemic area for helminthiasis.Expand
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A Comparison of the Quality of Informed Consent for Clinical Trials of an Experimental Hookworm Vaccine Conducted in Developed and Developing Countries
Informed consent is one of the principal ethical requirements of conducting clinical research, regardless of the study setting. Breaches in the quality of the informed consent process are frequentlyExpand
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[Knowledge and willingness to participate in research: a descriptive study of volunteers in a clinical trial].
The aim of this study was to evaluate volunteers' knowledge of the information on the free informed consent form and their willingness to participate in a clinical trial. This was a quantitative,Expand
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Health Education through Analogies: Preparation of a Community for Clinical Trials of a Vaccine against Hookworm in an Endemic Area of Brazil
Background Obtaining informed consent for clinical trials is especially challenging when working in rural, resource-limited areas, where there are often high levels of illiteracy and lack ofExpand
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Estudio comparativo del grado de satisfacción del paciente en cateterismo intermitente con el uso de las sondas lofric y las de cloruro de polivinilo
Resumen Objetivo Comparar el grado de satisfaccion que produce el uso de las sondas LoFric, en el paciente pediatrico en cateterismo intermitente, frente a las sondas convencionales de PVC Material yExpand
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Improving the understanding of schistosomiasis among adolescents in endemic areas in Brazil: A comparison of educational methods.
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of two teaching strategies, both guided by the concept of dialogicity, on adolescents' knowledge about schistosomiasis and adherence to diagnostic fecalExpand
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Efeitos de intervenção educativa na qualidade ética do consentimento livre e esclarecido
Educational interventions have been used in order to improve the quality of understanding with regards to the free and informed consent. However, some of the...
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Conhecimento e voluntariedade para participação em pesquisas: um estudo descritivo com participantes de um ensaio clínico
O objetivo deste estudo e avaliar o conhecimento sobre as informacoes do Termo de Consentimento Livre e Esclarecido (TCLE) e a voluntariedade de participantes de um ensaio clinico. Trata-se de umExpand
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