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Numerical study of Dammann array illuminators.
The numerical solutions of binary-phase (0, π) gratings for one-dimensional array illuminators up to 32 are presented. Some fabrication errors, which are due to position-quantization errors, phaseExpand
ABCD matrix for reflection and refraction of Gaussian beams at the surface of a parabola of revolution.
We report the formulation of an ABCD matrix for reflection and refraction of Gaussian light beams at the surface of a parabola of revolution that separate media of different refractive indices basedExpand
Circular Dammann grating.
A circular Dammann grating that can produce circular equal intensities at various orders in the far field is described. A set of parameters such as order, circular number, uniformity, and diffractionExpand
Nonvolatile photorefractive holograms in LiNbO(3):CuCe crystals.
We report experimental and theoretical studies of nonvolatile photorefractive holographic recording in LiNbO(3):Cu:Ce crystals with two illumination schemes: (1) UV light for sensitization and a redExpand
Uniform theory of the Talbot effect with partially coherent light illumination.
A uniform formulation for the self-imaging of gratings with any kind of partially coherent illumination is developed in terms of the cross mutual spectral density of the partial coherence theory. TheExpand
Optimal switching from recording to fixing for high diffraction from a LiNbO3:Ce:Cu photorefractive nonvolatile hologram.
An oscillatory characteristic of diffraction is observed as a result of strong beam coupling in a weakly oxidized LiNbO3:Ce:Cu crystal during the recording step in the production of nonvolatileExpand
Mutual alignment errors due to wave-front aberrations in intersatellite laser communications.
We analyze mutual alignment errors due to wave-front aberrations. To solve the central obscured problem, we introduce modified Zernike polynomials, which are a set of complete orthogonal polynomials.Expand
Adding two active silver atoms on Au₂₅ nanoparticle.
Alloy nanoparticles with atomic monodispersity is of importance for some fundamental research (e.g., the investigation of active sites). However, the controlled preparation of alloy nanoparticlesExpand
Inverse solutions for a Risley prism scanner with iterative refinement by a forward solution.
An iterative method that combines an approximate inverse solution with an iterative refinement by the forward solution is set forth in this paper. Expand
Liver-tumor boundary detection: human observer vs computer edge detection.
As a preliminary step in computing tumor volume, we developed a computer edge detection program to define the liver-tumor interface in computed tomography (CT) images. Computer program performanceExpand