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Reversible electromechanical characteristics of carbon nanotubes underlocal-probe manipulation
Experimental and theoretical elucidation of the electromechanical characteristics of individual single-walled carbonnanotubes (SWNTs) under local-probe manipulation are reported and it is revealed that the conductance of an SWNT sample can be reduced by two orders of magnitude when deformed by an AFM tip. Expand
Effect of sodium alginate-based edible coating containing different anti-oxidants on quality and shelf life of refrigerated bream (Megalobrama amblycephala)
Abstract The effect of alginate-based edible coating containing Vitamin C (Vc) and tea polyphenols (TP) for shelf-life extension of bream ( Megalobrama amblycephala ) was evaluated over a 21-dayExpand
A software memory partition approach for eliminating bank-level interference in multicore systems
Main memory system is a shared resource in modern multicore machines, resulting in serious interference, which causes performance degradation in terms of throughput slowdown and unfairness. NumerousExpand
Particle swarm optimization algorithm: an overview
Its origin and background is introduced and the theory analysis of the PSO is carried out, which analyzes its present situation of research and application in algorithm structure, parameter selection, topology structure, discrete PSO algorithm and parallel PSO algorithms, multi-objective optimization PSO and its engineering applications. Expand
DeepLink: A Deep Learning Approach for User Identity Linkage
Inspired by the recent successes of deep learning in different tasks, especially in automatic feature extraction and representation, this work proposes a deep neural network based algorithm for UIL, called DeepLink, which outperforms the state-of-the-art methods in terms of both linking precision and identity-match ranking. Expand
MobiMine: monitoring the stock market from a PDA
This paper describes an experimental mobile data mining system that allows intelligent monitoring of time-critical financial data from a hand-held PDA and explores one particular aspect of the system---automated construction of personalized focus area that calls for user's attention. Expand
Chrome Extensions: Threat Analysis and Countermeasures
This study demonstrates that malicious Chrome extensions pose serious threats, including both information dispersion and harvesting, to browsers and proposes a set of countermeasures that enforce the policies of microprivilege management and differentiating DOM elements. Expand
Feature selection with dynamic mutual information
A new feature selection algorithm based on dynamic mutual information, which is only estimated on unlabeled instances is proposed, which can bring most information measurements in previous algorithms together. Expand
Learning a Rotation Invariant Detector with Rotatable Bounding Box
The proposed detector (DRBox) can effectively handle the situation where the orientation angles of the objects are arbitrary, and is more robust against rotation of input image and target objects. Expand
Promoting complex systems learning through the use of conceptual representations in hypermedia
The results of two experiments investigate how hypermedia using a conceptual representation influences pre-service teachers' and middle school students' learning of a complex biological system, the human respiratory system, suggesting that the function-centered conceptual representation is a powerful way to promote complex systems understanding. Expand