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ZO-2 induces cytoplasmic retention of YAP by promoting a LATS1-ZO-2-YAP complex at tight junctions
Contact inhibition of proliferation (CIP) is a key mechanism that transduces the cell density status of tissue and organs into a unique transcriptional program by translocating YAP between theExpand
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1 OV / 3-2 Overview of Alcator C-Mod Research Program
S. Scott 1), A. Bader 2), M. Bakhtiari 3), N. Basse 4), W. Beck 2), T. Biewer 5), S. Bernabei 1), P. Bonoli 2), B. Bose 2), R. Bravenec 6), I. Bespamyatnov 6), R. Childs 2), I. Cziegler 2), R.Expand
Thanks to authors and peer reviewers
Abati, Andrea Allison, Derek Almenara, Jorge Arpin, Ronald Auger, Manon Austin, R. Marshall Aziz, Mohamed Baloch, Zubair Bardales, Ricardo Barr Fritcher, Emily Belinson, Jerry Bergeron, ChristineExpand
Wide-field imaging with Hyper Suprime-Cam : Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution
The HSC collaboration team: S. Abe, H. Aihara, M. Akiyama, K. Aoki, N. Arimoto, N. A. Bahcall, S. J. Bickerton, J. Bosch, K. Bundy†(3), C. W. Chen, M. Chiba†(4), T. Chiba, N. E. Chisari, J. Coupon,Expand