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Operating models and development trends in the extended producer responsibility system for waste electrical and electronic equipment
Abstract Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) has become a key application area for extended producer responsibility (EPR). This article systematically analyzes the physical and financialExpand
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Nickel-decorated graphene nanoplates for enhanced H2 sorption properties of magnesium hydride at moderate temperatures
Magnesium hydride is considered as an ideal candidate for effective hydrogen storage due to its high gravimetric hydrogen capacity and accessibility. But its use as a commercial material is hinderedExpand
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Rapid Seedless Synthesis of Gold Nanoplates with Microscaled Edge Length in a High Yield and Their Application in SERS
We report a facile and reproducible approach toward rapid seedless synthesis of single crystalline gold nanoplates with edge length on the order of microns. The reaction is carried out by reducingExpand
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Scalable synthesis of nano-Si embedded in porous C and its enhanced performance as anode of Li-ion batteries
Abstract In the present work, the sample of Si nanoparticles embedded in porous C (denoted as Si@porous-C) has been successfully synthesized by using nano-MgO as the pore-former. Observations byExpand
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Graphene oxide decorated nanoscale iron sulfide for highly efficient scavenging of hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions
Abstract In this paper, a novel graphene oxide (GO) decorated nanoscale FeS composite (GO/FeS) combining both advantages of GO and FeS was synthesized and tested for the highly efficient scavengingExpand
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The hydrogen storage performance of a 4MgH2LiAlH4TiH2 composite system
Abstract The hydrogen storage performance of a 4MgH2 LiAlH4 composite system was greatly improved by adding TiH2. The temperature-programmed release curve of the 4MgH2 LiAlH4 TiH2 composite reflectedExpand
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Alkaline poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(acrylic acid) polymer electrolyte membrane for Ni-MH battery application
Alkaline polymer electrolyte membrane with high ionic conductivity of 0.019 S cm−1 at room temperature was prepared from poly(vinyl alcohol) and acrylic acid through solution polymerization. TheExpand
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Structures and hydrogen storage properties of Mg95Ni5 composite prepared by hydriding combustion synthesis and mechanical milling
Abstract This paper investigated the effect of the intermediate reaction, Mg + H 2  → MgH 2 in hydriding combustion synthesis (HCS) process on the structures and hydrogen storage properties of Mg 95Expand
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Effect of synthesis temperature on the purity of product in hydriding combustion synthesis of Mg2NiH4
Abstract This paper describes the effect of synthesis temperature on hydriding combustion synthesis of Mg 2 NiH 4 to improve the purity of product. The properties of the products were examined byExpand
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Study on xLiBH4-NaBH4 (x = 1.6, 2.3, and 4) composites with enhanced lithium ionic conductivity
Abstract In the present work, ball-milled xLiBH 4 -NaBH 4 (x = 1.6, 2.3, 4) composites were investigated as fast ionic conductors. It was found that the conductivity σ of xLiBH 4 -NaBH 4 (x = 1.6,Expand
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